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Angel Cake is a rare hybrid strain created by Red-Eyed Genetics, which is a cross between Fire OG Kush and Forum Cookies. It has an aroma of citrus, flowers, and earth, and a taste of sweet baked goods, spicy herbs, and lavender.

Green Dragon kush Buds strains Effects & Reviews

Bando, This smoke has a creamy mouth feel and fast head change, followed by pastry and gelato-like skunky notes. It combines the body effects of an indica with the head change of a sativa, creating a hybrid experience.
The Big Drip is a flavorful strain of cannabis with berry, cream, candy, and orange cinnamon spice flavors. Its effects are sedating and it helps to ease muscles and reduce tension in the face, neck, shoulders, and brow.
So, We’ll also recommend you these highly rated flavors; Butter Og, Cake Mints, Animal House, Chillato, Cherry On Top, Capone, Def Star OG, Confetti, Dragon Runtz, Dirty Money.

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