Ice Cream Cake – Green Dragon Weed 3.5G


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Ice Cream Cake Green Dragon Cannabis 3.5G

Ice Cream Cake – Green Dragon weed, Name says it all with the flavor strains, Wedding Cake crossed with Gelato #33 making it an indica dominant hybrid. Our Ice Cream Cake leans heavier on the sedating effects, followed by a balanced mind and body relaxation high. Buds are generally smaller, dense with hints of purple, featuring a slight cheese with heavy creaminess, also a semi sweet flavor profile with traces of sugarly dough and vanilla. It is a balanced heavy high with couch locking sedation in full effect making it ideal for smaller social gatherings.

Those who have professed that strength and flavor are incompatible are sadly uninformed about some incredible, palatable strains. Although their effects should not be tested on children unless for medicinal purposes, these varieties of cannabis can offer a pleasurable experience for users of any expertise. Combining a moderate strength with a remarkable taste makes for a terrific pot session.

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Also, Kush Mints (Indica) – Green Dragon Weed – 3.5. While other users would describe the taste of such strains as unconventional or “not how a weed should taste like”, they still cannot deny the fact that even seasoned users need some tasty treat once in a while even for novelty’s sake. Let us take Chocolate Chunk, for example. Just by the name itself, it is easy to make a few assumptions about how the strain should taste and smell like. While other strains let their users down with their misleading names, Chocolate Chunk is definitely not one to disappoint.

Nonetheless, Chocolate Chunk is named as such due to its flavors and aroma that are reminiscent of real chocolates. Chocolate Chunk is bred by TH Seeds, but its genetic origin is still debatable. Some would argue that the strain was developed from Afghani strains while others would say otherwise and maintain a stand that the strain simply has a questionable origin.To those who have not come across this strain before, here are some reasons why Chocolate Chunk should definitely be on every cannabis user’s bucket list of strains to try especially for the newbies out there.

Green Dragons Ice Cream Cake strain Effects

Chocolate Chunk is not just a tasty treat for stoners, it does have enough amount of potency that will take users into a type of high that suits best for anyone wanting to loosen up a bit. It has a moderate THC level of 10% to 16%, making the strain an ideal choice for novice users.Thus, despite being a pure Indica strain, Chocolate Chunk’s physical high is still significantly tolerable.

EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Sleepy – 8
Happy – 5
Dry mouth – 5
Euphoric – 4
Dry eyes – 5
Headache – 3
Paranoid – 3
Anxious – 2
FRAGRANCE Earthy, pungent, spicy, chocolate
FLAVORS Woody, herbal, coffee, spicy, sweet, chocolate


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