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The Flav Disposables are available in a variety of strains, hybrid, indica, and sativa, with multiple flavours you can choose from based on your preference and cannabis needs. Enjoy an exceptional throat hit with fantastic flavour and vapour production, while also receiving plenty of puffs per vape session. Constructed with resilient materials to ensure long-lasting durability, this vape is ideal for the experienced cannabis vaper due to its potency and robustness.

Flav disposable pen not working

For one reason or the other your Flav disposable is not working, Try the steps below;
These issues include low fluid levels, leaking, dead batteries, and burnt taste. It advises checking the fluid level in the pen’s window and replacing it if it is empty. Leaking can happen due to improper storage or poor quality assurance processes.

Dead batteries can occur over time, especially if stored in a cold environment. Burnt taste can be caused by high temperature settings or the type of coil used. Ceramic core technology is recommended for the best flavor and vapor quality.

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