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The Grandiflora weed strains flavors are striking and persistent, mirroring the aroma. Initially, the inhale presents a robust sweetness reminiscent of woodlands, accompanied by a velvety smooth minty creaminess that leaves you wanting more. The dank kushy og flavor is beautifully integrated with menthol, and there’s a faint suggestion of play doh lurking deep within the smoke.

Orangutan Cookies strain Review

The bud boasts a tangy and sharp flavor profile with notes of sour orange and grapefruit, coupled with a hint of savory diesel. Its scent is equally intriguing, characterized by an overtone of sour orange intermixed with deep spicy diesel and pungent gas.

Mintz Ya Hemi Cookies strain Aroma

The scent bears a striking resemblance, featuring a zesty note of black pepper elevated by tangy sour citrus and subtle hints of savory diesel. Ya Hemi’s buds possess a long, slender shape reminiscent of a pepper, displaying an olive green hue with deep undertones, wispy yellow-orange hairs, and a dusting of minuscule, milky-white crystal trichomes.

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