Melonatta (SATIVA) – Grandiflora X Cookies Weed 3.5G


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Strain Type HYBRID
THC   64%
Quantity    3.5G
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Berner’s Cookies Melonatta Weed 3.5G

Melonatta Cookies weed, a hybrid strain with a 70% sativa and 30% indica composition, was formed by breeding Watermelon Zkittlez and Lemon Tree strains. This bud is most famous for its scrumptious taste, and its name was inspired by its flavor. Melonatta offers a delightful combination of sugary and fruity melon flavor with a tangy and lemony aftertaste, making it the perfect strain for any sativa enthusiast.

The fragrance bears a resemblance, with a tart and citrusy top note accompanied by a hint of ripe melon and zesty earthiness. Likewise, the Melonatta high is equally invigorating, eliciting a surge of motivation and energy that jumpstarts both the mind and body in no time. Also, Grandiflora – Loma Prieta Berner Cookies and Wedding Cake Big Chief Carts.


Melonatta Cookies strain THC Content

However, As creativity and sociability flood your mind, you’ll experience a powerful wave of euphoria, unencumbered by any worries. Alongside this surge of emotions, a stimulating physical sensation will tingle throughout your body, motivating you to jump up and start moving.

Likewise, Melonatta, with its potent average THC level of 19-23%, is a favored remedy for various medical conditions, including chronic pain, depression, cramps, muscle spasms, fatigue, and stress. Moreover, The strain boasts vibrant neon green nugs with a spade-like shape, orange hairs, and a layer of small, glistening golden amber trichomes. Its effects are highly coveted and distinct, making it a popular choice among patients seeking relief.


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