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Snow Angel Cake Cartridge she hits different genetic lineage suggests a hybrid ancestry, blending the characteristics of Afghani landrace and South African strains. Despite limited information on its CBD levels, this hybrid from the renowned Dutch Passion seed bank showcases qualities indicative of a balanced hybrid but with prevailing sativa influences.

Still, the dominant sativa traits in Snow Angel from the Dutch Passion seed bank in Holland imply a higher prevalence of sativa genes, yet the specific sativa/indica ratio remains less disclosed. Similarly, details about the CBD content of Snow Angel are scarce, though it’s believed to have ancestral roots in an Afghani landrace and a South African strain.

Cake Vape Carts Snow Angel Effects Review

However, Snow Angel Cake Cartridge isn’t highly potent, yet it aids anxiety and low mood with 8-12% THC. It induces cerebral happiness. Snow Bud’s Skunky scent with hints of cinnamon reflects in its taste. The strain presents light green tones and vibrant orange hairs.

Primarily for therapeutic use, Snow Angel suits those battling anxiety and low spirits. Its cerebral high and pleasant aroma offer relief. Commonly, users face dry mouth and red eyes, minor compared to its benefits. Unlock new possibilities with these alternatives, Angel Cake – Green Dragon Weed, Snow Montana Berner Cookies, Dragon Fruit | Cake She Hits Different Carts, AK-47  and Verry Cherry | Teds Budz Cannabis.


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