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Cookies Carts, The popularity of the Cookies brand can be attributed to its emphasis on authenticity, innovative genetics, and its strong connection to the Cookies lifestyle. The founders of Cookies, Jai and Berner, are influential figures in the cannabis industry, which further contributes to the brand’s reputation and recognition.

Cookies vape pen Packaging

The disposable vape pen is packaged in a standard mylar bag featuring the iconic Cookies bite imagery. The bag clearly displays the two different strains with one on the left side and the other on the right.

BernieHana Butter Cart

BernieHana Butter is a cannabis strain released by Cookies and recognized as a Leafly Strain of Summer 2022. This refined hybrid is the result of multiple Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) genetics, including (Jet Fuel Gelato x Guava) and (Blue Cookies x Oreoz).

Babby Powder cookies cart

Experience active and engaged effects with this high-THC strain from Cookies. Savor the intense and trendy zaza with a fellow enthusiast in a clean glass bubbler or a party joint.

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