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Stardust Cake Cartridge she hits different also known by multiple monikers like “Star Dust OG,” “Star Dust,” “Stardust,” or “Stardust OG Kush,” stands as an indica-dominant hybrid consisting of 70% indica and 30% sativa. The creation of this strain involved blending the robust traits of the potent Chem Dog, Key Lime Pie, and Northern Lights strains. If you’re on the quest for an exceptional cannabis experience that seamlessly transitions from an energizing lift to a tranquil, sleep-inducing state, Stardust OG emerges as the ideal choice.

This strain boasts a genetic lineage that amalgamates the best characteristics of its parent strains, crafting a unique profile that delivers a multifaceted high. The potent Chem Dog and Northern Lights, renowned for their relaxing effects, combine with the refreshing Key Lime Pie to form Stardust OG, providing a harmonious blend of relaxation and mood elevation. Whether seeking a calming remedy after a long day or aiming for a serene, sleep-inducing effect, Stardust OG promises to cater to varying preferences and requirements. These go hand in hand with your current choice, Sour Haze Cake Cartridge.

Cake Vape Carts Stardust Effects Review

Stardust OG offers an encompassing experience marked by a sustained sense of stimulation and a gentle, arousing tingle that begins at the spine and spreads through the body. This sensation gradually soothes both the mind and body, paving the way for a serene relaxation that precedes a profound, tranquil sedation. The journey through its effects is a tale of relaxation, starting from a subtle yet invigorating stimulation and leading to a deep, restful sleep.

However, this strain is valued for its potency, boasting an average THC level ranging between 20% to 33% alongside a significant CBD content of 9% to 10%. With this robust profile, Stardust OG is a preferred choice among individuals seeking relief from various health conditions. Nevertheless, it alleviates chronic pain, addresses issues of appetite loss or nausea, mitigates insomnia, reduces inflammation, and eases cramps or muscle spasms Its comprehensive therapeutic benefits cater to a diverse range of ailments, making it a sought-after option within the medical cannabis community.


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