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TYSON weed Star Kush Cannabis 3.5G

Star Kush Tyson weed,Star Kush shows its Chemdog lineage through its strong pine flavor with notes of kush, fuel, and earth. This indica-dominant strain’s rare, dominant terpene of terpinolene and its high potency make this strain a force to be reckoned with. Star Kush’s calming head high is quickly followed by a deep-body relaxation, with the ability to lead into complete sedation.

Put three exceptional master genetics together, and the result is a rockstar. Indeed, by crossing three prominent hybrids including a pure landrace Indica, the offspring promises to be a treat. But it is not only for recreational users who crave for a high that is not too overwhelming. It is also as much for medical cannabis users as well.

Master Kush, one of the three strains, was itself an offspring of two pure breeds in the Hindu Kush regions. Among its notable traits is that full-body relaxation it delivers without any numbing effects that can cause a foggy mind.

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Also,  Tiger Mintz Tyson Weed 3.5G. On the other hand, is not only a strain considered to be legendary by many in the cannabis circle. Like Master Kush, it delivers the same deep relaxation. Furthermore, it also induces a reinvigorating cerebral high.

Finally, to complete the trio of strains that gave birth to Rockstar Kush, the landrace Afghani Indica. For many decades, breeders have used it to create generation after generation of exceptional hybrids. If there are perfect Indica strains, then they are found in this region.

At its onset, a warm buzz comes into the body. Soon, tensions and soreness seem to evaporate. This then sets the tone for what is to come. It puts users at ease even as it mildly begins to intensify.

Star Kush Mike Tyson weed Effects 

As users bask in this gentle high, the intensity of the effects is also ever increasing. In most cases, users slow down and finally go on to sleep. There is no sudden onslaught or intense numbing buzz that knocks out people. Instead, it brings people to pure relaxation before drifting off smoothly.

Feeling relaxed, a new sense of happiness sets in with many people ending up euphoric. In the company of others, expect to have a lot of giggling and laughing going on. In a sense, this strain can turn Mr. Grinch into the jolly good fellow. While it retains some Sativa traits, some of its cerebral effects can also be felt. For instance, users have reported feeling motivated or a little energized. Others also experience mental clarity. Generally, everyone can agree that the full-body relaxation leads to an uplifted spirit and positive outlook.

EFFECTS relaxed – 10
happy – 8
sleepy – 7
hungry – 6
tingly – 5
headache – 5
dry eyes – 4
paranoid – 1
dizzy – 1
FRAGRANCE blueberry, earthy, pungent, skunky, spicy
FLAVORS pungent, earthy, skunk, berry, diesel, sweet, spicy
MEDICAL pain – 10
fatigue – 8
depression – 8
stress – 8
muscle spasms – 7


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