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Cookies Brand

Berner's Cookies
Cannabis Review

Cookies weed brand has been delighting customers for eleven years. From sweet and citrusy Pomelo to the intense Cheetah Piss, there’s something to satisfy every marijuana enthusiast in Cookies’ selection of high-quality strains.
But Cookies isn’t just about flowers; they also have a variety of other marijuana products, including edibles, prerolls, and disposable THC cartridges and weed packs.
Get the best out of your next smoke session with premium cannabis from Cookies!​

All Time High Cookies weed is a potent hybrid strain with 50% sativa and 50% indica. It was created through a collaboration between Cookies and Kaia Kush, known as Collins Ave. With a THC concentration of 28.2%, it is suitable for experienced cannabis enthusiasts. 
Lava Cake Cookies weed

Cookies Weed Strains List

2090 Shit, Adios Mother F**cker, Devine Runtz, Dying Dreaming, Fish Scale, Baby Powder, Baby Kiwi, Cereal Milk cookies, Champagne wedding strain, Cheetah Piss, Crushed Grapes, Day Day Strain

Mr. Manhattan

HotBox Cannabis Strains

The Camino, Kush Cream, Gruntz, Apple Ba-Bomb, Crushy Kush, Mad Rabbit, Assasins Smoke, Neon Rain, Lemon’s Revenge, Loki’s Drip.

Super Dog Connected Weed

Connected Cannabis Co.

Wipeout, The Chemist, Super Dog, Slow Lane, Nightshade, Mr. Sandman, Pantera Limone, Rainbow Sherbert, Hitchhiker, HighRise

SFV x TK Jungle Boys Smalls

Jungle Boys Smalls Strains

Hardcore Strawberries, Hell Raiser, Icre Cream Float, Mike Tai, Kosher OG, Motor Breath, Hot Cakes, Hippy Crasher

Turn Disposables

Turn Up Disposables

Turn Disposable vape pens are all about purity – 100% live resin and botanica blends, free from fillers or additives, and rigorously tested for pesticides. Goes in hand with the Big chief carts.

Sherbacio Alien Labs

Alien Labs Weed Packs

Gemini, Kryptochronic Moongrown, Lemon Fuel OG, OZ Kush, Planet Dosi, Sherbacio, Y2k, Xeno, Cosmic Crisp, Creme de menthe.

Magia Backpack Boyz

Backpack Boyz Cannabis

Backpack boyz weed, a unique Brand of Cannabis with energizing and uplifting effects, making it the perfect daytime choice. Combining classic Indica effects of heavy couch-locked relaxation with sedative qualities on the come down

Biscotti x Gushers Connected Cannabis

Connected Cannabis

Connected Cannabis strains, Cali Connect Delivery Service is your one-stop-shop for all cannabis-related needs in the San Fernando Valley LA area and beyond states with safe home delivery services.

Zangria Teds Buds

Teds Budz Cannabis

Teds budz weed strains are the perfect choice for cannabis enthusiasts who are looking for high-quality and potent strains. These flowers are carefully selected and handpicked

Sugar Cookiez Stiiizy weed

Stiiizy weed packs offers a wide variety of strains including 33 indica and hybrid varieties, 14 hybrid varieties. However, several sativa options. They specialize in top-shelf quality and unique flavor profiles and terpenes, as well as above-average potency.

West Coast Cure packs

West Coast Cure Cannabis

West Coast Cure, a California-based cannabis lifestyle brand that offers high-end Concentrates, CuredJoints, Flower and Vapes. Experience the smooth taste of West Coast Cure waxes when you dab them – they are a budget-friendly option that packs a powerful punch!

Cure Flowers Strains

Mr Zips Weed
Cannabis Flowers

MR. ZIPS weed stands out as a rare end-to-end cultivator in California. With a meticulous selection process, we cultivate, trim, and cure our flower in-house before delivering it straight to your doorstep, ensuring maximum freshness.
The flower is not only beautiful but also potent and delicious, making it the ultimate value proposition on the market. Available in three sizes, our offerings cater to your unique preferences and needs.

First Class Funk Mr Zips strain has been selectively bred by Compound Genetics. This particular strain boasts of a remarkable potency, making it one of the strongest options available. The flavor profile features strong gas notes at the forefront, while hints of garlic and lemon pepper dominate the finish. ​

XJ-13 Mr Zips

Mr Zips Weed Strains

Ice Cream Cake Cake Cartridge

Cake Cartridges Cake She Hit Different come with numerous advantages that make them a preferred choice among cannabis users. 

London Pound Cake Eighth Brother

One of the most notable characteristics of Eighth Brother Weed is its aroma and taste. This strain has a sweet, fruity flavor with hints of tropical fruit and earthy undertones. 

Animal House (Indica) - Green Dragon weed

Green Dragon weed Packs, Discover the best cannabis flowers, THC vapes, edibles, and more at Green Dragon Caregiver, a renowned medical and recreational cannabis dispensary in North Hollywood.

Reunion OG Space Monkey

Space Monkey Meds is a renowned cannabis brand that has been making waves in the industry since its inception.

StrawBerry Cough Time Machine

Time Machine Weed is a highly potent strain of cannabis known for its strong cerebral effects and energizing buzz. This sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross

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