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El Chapo Badder Green Dragon weed, Amazing Indica Flavor Is So Good High Last Forever!! Our Premium concentrates are all derived from the best indoor cultivated flower. At Green Dragon we believe in “Quality Over Everything“. When mentioning Gorilla Cookies strain, it’s easy to get confused with the famous 80’s hardcore band, The Gorilla Biscuits, because, frankly, they are both brutally hardcore.  The similarities end there, though. Gorilla Cookies strain is what happens when you combine two legendary heavy-hitters, namely Thin Mint GSC and the infamous Gorilla Glue #4.

Elev8 Seeds were the masterminds behind that union, and we can’t thank them enough. The fruit of this tree is a sight to behold, and, gauging by its appearance, it’s pretty evident that this pot’s about to rock your socks.  Gorilla Cookies weed produces uber-dense, small-sized buds with a thick powdered layer of trichomes, giving it a pale green complexion (and a hardness compared to its fluffy cannabis counterparts).

Green Dragon El Chapo Badder Strain

Also, Rico Green Dragon Weed. Making it even more striking are the reddish-orange pistils littering the surface of the nugs, like tiny tentacles inviting you to roll one up.  Besides its appearance, the flavor and fragrance of the Gorilla Cookies weed strain are where its true appeal lies.  And that can be credited to the broad terpene profile of its parents, especially Thin Mints GSC. Fortunately. It’s widely available in buds, seeds, clones, vape, or shatter; the Gorilla Cookies strain price will vary depending on your preferred smoking method.

A common question when discussing this strain, especially regarding growing, is, “what is the Gorilla Cookies strain yield?”.  The results ultimately depend on your growing know-how and set-up, so these numbers are merely an average.  Indoors can yield around 1 – 2 oz/ft², whereas outdoors, you’re looking at about 15 – 22 oz/plant. As I mentioned before, the one similarity between Gorilla cookies strain and The Gorilla Biscuits is that they are both incredibly hardcore.  With Gorilla Glue #4 being your daddy, what else could you expect? And thanks to that, Gorilla Cookies strain THC percentage can climb to the high 20s, averaging around 25%.

 El Chapo Badder strain Effects

A common thread within Gorilla Cookies strain reviews is praising its beneficial properties, especially in relieving the discomfort associated with pain, cramps, inflammation, and even nausea.  Since Gorilla Cookies strain effects are mood-elevating, this strain also aids in the management of anxiety, stress, fatigue, and depression.

Plant type 30% Indica / 70% Sativa
THC 25%
CBD 0.22 – 0.42%
Effects Focus
Fragrance Sweet pine


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