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Dirty Money Green Dragon Cannabis 3.5G

Dirty Money – Green Dragon weed, Amazing Hybrid Flavor Is So Good High Last Forever!! Our Premium concentrates are all derived from the best indoor cultivated flower. At Green Dragon we believe in “Quality Over Everything“. Also known as Gorilla Butter F2 #12 or Monkey Butter, the Dirty Money strain is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% sativa and 50% indica) bred by crossing Peanut Butter Breath with GG4 strain. Gorilla Butter strain info describes the terpene profile as containing Myrcene, Alpha-Bisabolol, Alpha-Humulene, Alpha-Pinene, Limonene, Trans-Caryophyllene, Linalool.

The flavor and aroma of this strain speak to its potency. It’s enough to justify the Gorilla Butter strain price, and that’s before you even experience it.  You’ll see what we mean once you’ve tried some for yourself. In the meantime, our Dirty Money strain review will tell you what you need to know.   Looking for marijuana seed deals? Subscribe to our seed deals Dirty Money F2 #12 is a THC dominant strain with enjoyable effects and rewarding yields. It can be grown indoors and outdoors.  Though it’s not particularly difficult to grow, arming yourself with as much Dirty Money strain info as possible will help you maximize your harvest.

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Also, El Chapo Badder – Green Dragon Weed – 3.5. This weed may have a reputation for its potency, but it won’t have you going ape.  The Dirty Money strain sativa side balances masterfully with its indica roots to deliver a high that leaves both mind and body in relaxed bliss.  You’ll feel it almost immediately as a mild tingling starts in your head before working its way to the rest of your body. A peaceful physical stone follows this cerebral contentment, leaving you relaxed but not completely couch-locked.  You’ll be more sociable and relaxed, making Gorilla Butter weed strain perfect for enjoying with a circle of good friends.

Its 0.59% – 0.89% CBD and robust terpene profile offer incredible therapeutic qualities that relieve cramps, muscle aches and spasms, joint pain, and inflammation.  If you’re struggling with the symptoms of stress, fatigue, insomnia, and even appetite issues, you’ll love the Gorilla Butter strain effects. The Dirty Money strain has a multi-layered fragrance that’s certainly contributed to its popularity. Its initial scent is peanut butter with hints of tea and lemon.

Green Dragons Dirty Money strain Effects

Much like its fragrance, Dirty Money has a multi-dimensional flavor you’ve got to experience firsthand.  Packed within these nuggets are sweet notes of creamy peanut butter and an earthy taste with a slight pepperiness. The diesel/fuel flavor from the Myrcene is especially pungent on the exhale. You’re also likely to taste hints of woody pine and a subtle taste of garlic.

Plant type 50% Sativa, 50% Indica
THC 20%-23%
CBD 0.59% – 0.89%
Effects Mood lifting
Fragrance Peanut butter


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