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Cherry On Top Green Dragon weed is a Cross Between Cherry Pie X Sundae Driver. Cherry On Top, anyone? At first glance, it seems innocent enough. But of course, those are for kids. As for us, we have our special treat as well. While kids may end up full and ready to race the world, ours is the kind that makes us happy and appreciative of the world. On this article, we are taking a closer look at Cherry On Top strain. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information about this cannabis. Even so, we are taking the bits and pieces of information and put them all together here.

One of the things that make for a great strain, besides its effects, is its fragrance and flavors. To that end, Cherry On Top does not fail. From one of its parent, Orange Juice, it inherited its delightful scent and mouth-watering taste. At the same time, it also inherited its gentle Indica effects. The breeder, Franchise Genetics, then crossed it with Girl Scout Cookies. From this end, Cherry On Top inherited the intense cerebral and physical high.

Green Dragon Cherry On Top Strain

Also, LA Pop Rocks Green Dragon Weed. As mentioned, Cherry On Top delivers a gentle buzz. At its onset, users may feel a slight pressure around their eyes. In moments, they feel uplifted and as a result, also start to feel happy. As the mellow cerebral high continues, they soon may feel elated but remain focused. In fact, most users are also likely to have a lot of ideas flowing in and out. From there, the physical effects start to kick in. Users, at this point, also feel an overwhelming sense of relaxation.

Cherry On Top comes with an average THC. In other words, it delivers the effects but not the kind that causes one to feel lazy or lethargic. It also does not cause psychedelic or narcotic effects. Instead, the physical high of the Indica-dominant strain blends with the mental high smoothly and causes a mellow and balanced high. On how Cherry On Top smell, we have a winner here. It has a sweet and spicy hint blended with its earthy smell and then blended with the fruity smell of citrus. As a result, it has one of the best scents for cannabis and one that are sure to attract people.

Green Dragons Cherry On Top strain Effects

Cherry On Top does not only come with a great aroma. It also comes with a fantastic taste. While there are many strains in which its flavors are an afterthought, the same cannot be said of this strain. Its flavors are as much a part of the experience as its effects.

EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Uplifted – 8
Euphoric – 6
Happy – 6
Creative – 6
FRAGRANCE Sweet, spicy, earthy, fruity, citrus
FLAVORS Sweet, tropical, fruity, tangy, orange, citrus, lemon
Dry eyes – 6
Dizzy – 5
Paranoid – 4
Headache – 1


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