Big Drip (Indica) – Green Dragon Weed 3.5G


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Big Drip (Indica) Green Dragon Cannabis 3.5G

Big Drip (Indica) – Green Dragon weed, Sunset Cookies Amazing High Flavor Is So Good. There’s a laundry list of attributes that contribute to this strain’s well-deserved fame and recognition, and we plan to cover it all in this Big Drip strain review. The Big Drip weed THC level averages 18-20%, making it a suitable strain for veterans looking for a flavorsome buzz or even novice smokers looking to level up their smoke game. For all its THC punch, Big Drip also contains a moderate >1% CBD content; however, that contributes largely to its therapeutic benefits.

The long-lasting effects of Big Drip weed strain descend your stresses and tension down a smooth spiral of tranquil tingling and light body waves, flooding your mind with an uplifted sense of spirit and euphoria. Soon your body follows suit and is enveloped in an ever-growing state of relaxation, leaving you not entirely body-stoned but merely at peace and present in the moment.  Big Drip strain can address your mental and physical well-bei. It is also great for combatting pain, cramps, and spasms.

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Also, Rico(Hybrid) – Green Dragon Weed – 3.5. Much like its scent, the Big Drip strain has a delicious flavor loaded with sweet, fruity tones and subtle hints of gas and wood.  The dominating terpenes in this strain are B-caryophyllene, M-myrcene, and Terpinolene, lending to its exotic flavor blends that make the Big Drip strain taste so hard to resist. Download my free marijuana grow guide and start growing Jealousy marijuana strain.

More so, Big Drip strain info suggests growing it in a warm, humid environment with good ventilation.  Your plant will greatly benefit from regular pruning, and due to its pungent nature, carbon filters will greatly reduce the smell indoors, especially if you’re trying to maintain a low profile. Its zesty, fruitfulness is all thanks to its parents, Grapefruit and Grape Ape. On the other hand, the Gelato strain gave Big Drip a lot more than just half its name.  It also handed down its rich earthy aroma and sweet hints of berry, cherry, and wood – not to mention much of its potent effects.

Green Dragons Big Drip (Indica) strain Effects

Furthermore, Big Drip strain could be considered a mid-to-high level weed, with a THC level in the range of 18-20%. Novice smokers should consume cautiously as the intense effects may cause anxiety. Big Drip strain genetics come from a long line of well-known, and well-respected strains. This lineage is likely the reason for the Big Drip strain price.

Plant type 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
THC 20%
CBD < 1%
Effects Euphoric
Cerebral high
Flavors Sweet, fruity, gas and wood


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