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Confetti Green Dragon weed, Our premium indoor flower is cultivated with the most care and attention to detail to produce the highest quality of nugs. At Green Dragon we believe in “Quality Over Everything”. A notoriously sticky strain, Confetti strain #4 got its name from the fact that growers have a hard time trimming its buds, with the high resin content leading their scissors to stick together. Thus, this heavy hitter of a strain was born. Gorilla Glue #4 is said to be sativa-dominant, although it is in fact more .

Confetti #4 won several awards including the Cannabis Cups and High Times Jamaican World Cup. It’s highly praised by smokers. Another way Confetti #4 has earned its name, is for the intense couc. What else do we expect from a With its THC levels borderline through the roof, having clocked in at times at a record 30% in some dispensaries, Confetti Auto is nothing for the faint-hearted.

Green Dragon Confetti Strain

Also, Dirty Money Green Dragon Weed . Also to be noted, are how long its effects can last – often leaving you in a hazy cerebral high for up to 4 hours. Gorilla Glue instills a happy, giggly high with a sense of skin-tingling euphoria. It is uplifting while maintaining focus, and is a perfect strain for those days when y. Quoted as causing a case of “head fry” in inexperienced smokers, Confetti can give you something to be paranoi. The body stone can be intense, which can cause mild cases of anxiety and nervousness in some.

Experiencing dry mouth and dry eyes is common with Confetti #4 due to dehydration. Drinking plenty of fluids helps. This strain aids sleep, benefiting those seeking restful nights.

 Confetti strain Effects

For patients who suffer from a lack of appetite due to medication or chemotherapy and radiation treatments in the battle against cance. Indulgent in its unique fragrance, you can smell that Confetti #4 means business like no other. It has a woody, pine-like aroma to it that borders on a hint of fresh sandalwood.

EFFECTS Relaxed, happy, euphoric, mildly uplifted
ADVERSE REACTIONS Dry mouth, dry eyes, mild paranoia
FRAGRANCE Pine, spice, sandalwood, sweet cherry, berries
FLAVORS Earthy, pungent, pine, diesel, coffee, chemical



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