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The Franchise Green Dragon weed, Our premium indoor flower is cultivated with the most care and attention to detail to produce the highest quality of nugs. At Green Dragon we believe in “Quality Over Everything”. its lineage to Cookies and Cream, a high-THC strain with a wonderfully flavorful profile. This, therefore, explains this strain’s taste. When smoked, it leaves a hint of fresh vanilla and dank gasoline in your mouth, making it a pleasure to savor and enjoy.

Like many hybrid and sativa strains, you could experience anxiety, paranoia, and racing thoughts. For most people, this effect will feel like focus, but if you’re predisposed to anxiety or paranoia, it may be a good idea to stay away from the strain altogether. However, if you can’t resist its vanilla goodness, consider smoking it in small doses to ensure these effects don’t get out of hand.Remember, marijuana can cause dry eyes and dry mouth.Inline with this strain is , Gustavo Green Dragon Weed.

Green Dragon The Franchise Strain

Has been used to soothe nausea and pain while also improving mood. It also increases appetite. That is why many with both mood and eating disorders rely on this strain for natural relief. Grease Monkey can also help you fall asleep and is commonly used for sleep disorders such as insomnia. Download my free marijuana grow guide and start growing Grease Monkey strain.

isn’t the easiest strain to grow, but it is not impossible. Although it is Indica dominant, it grows like a Sativa. The hardest part is caring for it when it gets tall. You’ll need to practice pruning and possibly top your plants.  Other than that, it’s a hardy plant that is resistant to diseases, molds, and bacterias. This strain grows well indoors if there is enough space. What isn’t easy (other than the height), is the incredibly dank smell. You’ll want to invest in carbon filters. Outdoors it likes a humid, sunny environment in the 70s or 80s.

 The Franchise strain Effects

The Indica-dominant weed hits rather smoothly and results in a calm, tranquil high. When combined with its Sativa profile, there’s a feeling of mental stimulation after smoking it, making it perfect for an afternoon spent working on a creative project. Smoking this strain leaves you feeling euphoric while releasing your stress. The Franchise sets you up for a cozy night in bed with a high that starts in the head before gently spreading throughout the body like a warm, wet blanket.

Plant type 60% Indica 40% Sativa
THC Up to 25%-30%
CBD < 1%
Effects Calm, mental stimulation, euphoric, cozy
Fragrance Sweet, fruity, grape-like, earthy, diesel
Flavors Sweet, vanilla, dank gasoline
Adverse Reaction Dry mouth, dry eyes, anxiety, paranoia


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