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Mac Pie Green Dragon weed, known as Miracle Alien Cookies, or MAC for short, originated from the breeding efforts of a breeder named Capulator. To create this strain, Capulator crossed an F2 Alien Cookies with a hybrid strain that incorporated a Colombian landrace and Starfighter. The resulting strain was dubbed Miracle 15. MAC is an indica-leaning strain that stands out for producing buds with a deep purple coloration and densely packed flowers.

With a slender Indica profile, MAC plants rapidly develop a sturdy structure that can easily bear the strain’s sizeable colas, no matter the cultivation location. Its flowering cycle is a standard 9-10 weeks, and when it comes to cannabis strain nomenclature, there’s no limit to creativity, as demonstrated by the Mac Pie strain. This process of naming varieties allows breeders to showcase their imagination, and some prefer straightforward names while others enjoy being extravagant, which can be equally good. See more options that customers frequently purchase together, THE MAC – Green Dragon Weed, Mac N : Berner Cookies Premium Grade Weed, Mac and mintz | Backpack boyz Strain, Mac Fritter – Green Dragon Weed and MAC Jungle Boys Smalls.

Green Dragon Mac Pie Strain

While some strains are aptly named to reflect their flavors and aromas, others use creative language to impress potential users. This is true for Sugar Cookie, which has a deceptively benign name that can lead users to underestimate its potency. Despite this, Sugar Cookie is a strain that boasts impressive characteristics, which we will delve into below.
It’s not just Sugar Cookie that has surprised users with its unexpectedly strong effects – many strains have similarly contradicted their seemingly innocent names. As the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover certainly applies to cannabis strains. While the origin of Sugar Cookie’s genetics is unknown, many breeders have tried to recreate it using the same parents, while others have put their own twist on it while keeping the name.

Mac Pie strain Effects

To begin with, Sugar Cookie is said to be an Indica-dominant strain. The exact ratio of its Sativa to Indica concentration, however, is a bit unclear. Nonetheless, the strain is known to provide one of the most potent highs known to the cannabis community. With THC levels that can reach as high as 26%, indeed, it does belong to the list of highly potent strains in the market.

MAC Pie Strain Green Dragon Overview

Genetic Background:

  • Parent Strains: Cherry Pie x Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC)
  • Type: Hybrid


  • Color: Light green flowers
  • Hairs: Gorgeous orange pistils

Aroma and Flavor:

  • Aroma: Sweet and earthy
  • Flavor: Sweet cherry with earthy undertones

Effects and Experience:

  • Mental: Provides an awesome boost
  • Physical: Energizing and uplifting, making it perfect for outdoor activities


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