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Mac Fritter Green Dragon weed, aka Miracle Alien Cookies, strain was first propagated when a breeder named Capulator crossed an F2 Alien Cookies with a hybrid that includes a Colombian landrace and Starfighter. He called this resulting strain Miracle 15 With the space cake strain, you won’t be waiting long to launch into the stratosphere. Not long after the first toke, the complete euphoria sends you to the moon and back. A gentle buzz builds between the eyes and slowly twinkles its way through the rest of the body, with peace following in its wake.

The head high remains balanced, with relaxation and energy coming in equal measure. The body high is a perfect complement to the head high. The whole body, all the way to the tips of fingers and toes, feels completely relaxed. You won’t want to go anywhere, but you also won’t be feeling sleepy either. It’s a stellar choice for a long night talking and laughing with friends. Just make sure you have snacks nearby.

Green Dragon Mac Fritter Strain

Ironically, Mac Fritter has an earthy scent. Expect herbal, pungent notes with spices and a hint of nuttiness. Burnt buds develop a dank sweet-sour scent that will linger for the rest of the evening. Probably not by coincidence, the flavor is similar to space cakes, a sweet THC-rich edible dessert made out of marijuana. With the strain, look for a nutty, spicy effect with hints of sweet spice. Through the exhale, the pungent scent comes back, herbal and earthy. Also, Pimp Slap Green Dragon Weed.

Mac Fritter weed can cause dry eyes and cottonmouth, so it is a good idea to keep some water and eyedrops nearby. In general, you should be careful with space cakes in any form. Just because it’s a pleasant smoke doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a kick. Overindulging can lead to mild anxiety or dizziness. While there are plenty of recreational reasons to try the Space Cake strain, there are just as many therapeutic ones. Depression and anxiety are easily handled as euphoric feelings don’t leave much room for worries or fears.

 Mac Fritter strain Effects

Others who suffer from PTSD, OCD, and ADHD can depend on Space Cakes to hit the mute button. Meanwhile, physical symptoms of stress fade away, while tension, aches, and pains succumb to intense body relaxation. Mac Fritter weed is also useful for migraines, and tension headaches, inflammatory pain, and insomnia.

EFFECTS energetic, body-calming, mellow
ADVERSE REACTIONS (NEGATIVE) dry eyes, cottonmouth, drowsy, slightly paranoid
FRAGRANCE creamy cookies, herby, spicy undertones
FLAVORS sour fruity candy, heavy tropical notes, creamy cookies


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