MAC (HYBRID) – Jungle Boys Smalls (10grams)


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MAC Jungle Boys Smalls weed(10 Grams)

MAC Jungle Boys Smalls, is a version of Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC), the progeny of Alien Cookies F2 and Miracle 15. Mac1 Strain has managed to achieve a sublime Indica-Sativa balance. That’s why many consumers consider this latest hybrid to be the improved version of the original green goddess.

The desirable Mac 1 strain genetics is a byproduct of many top hybrid strains, including GSCOG Kush, and Chemdawg. Cannabis breeder Capulator understood these hybrids’ rich ancestry, which includes the landrace strains Durban Poison and Hindu Kush.

Not only is Mac 1 rich in aroma and taste, but it is also just as aesthetically pleasing. A potent blend of Sativa and Indica led to dense buds with no distinct shape. It’s pretty, but most people love the Mac 1 weed strain for its generous trichomes – which boast THC levels ranging between 19% and 24%.

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Mac 1 has a unique flavor that you’ll only understand once you have experienced it yourself. It’s similar to a creamy orange-flavored sorbet blended with lemon, cheese, and diesel, sprinkled with a touch of pepper before being garnished with an assortment of flower petals.  Also, Frosted Gelato Jungle Boys Smalls 10 grams .

Much like its equable effects, the fragrance is a fusion of light and heavy blends. A combination of floral scents, sour citrusy notes, and diesel creates an aroma that is musky and sweet. The dominant terpene in Mac 1 strain genetics is limonene, which adds to its complex and pleasant aroma.

Jungle Boys Small MAC cannabis strain Effects

For most people, the Mac 1 effects are quite favorable. They describe the experience as euphoria, happiness, and relaxation. It is also an excellent muse for creative minds and anyone looking for help staying focused. Moodiness and anti-social tendencies will melt under the effects of this strain.

EFFECTS Euphoric
FRAGRANCE floral, sour, citrusy, diesel, musky, sweet
FLAVORS orange, lemon, cheese, diesel, pepper, earthy


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