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Lemon Drip Green Dragon weed, also called Lemon OG, was created by the team at DNA Genetics. The strain combines a Las Vegas-raised Lemon Skunk with the OG #18 phenotype of OG Kush. True to its name, Lemon features overpowering citrus notes with a distinct lemon flavor thanks to its higher percentage of limonene terpenes. The chill head high evens out anxiety by calming repetitive thoughts and slowing aggravated heart rates. Despair or hopelessness melts away, allowing gentle bliss to take over. Symptoms of OCD or PTSD often fade into obscurity. The simple things that typically distract or cause pain, no longer catch your attention.

Those with chronic stress also start to unwind after long days, both mentally and physically.  The body high is relaxing and tingly, giving muscles a chance to relax. That relief of tension helps ease pain and aches from stress or even chronic illness. People with arthritis pain, cancer pain, and fibromyalgia have reported gaining relief through Gushers. If you’re growing your Gushers plants inside, you should expect your harvest to take 10-11 weeks. Harvesting the indoor plants usually yields about 3-5 ounces of bud per square meter.

Green Dragon Lemon Drip Strain

Even those with chronic insomnia enjoy Gushers. While the strain itself doesn’t make people sleepy, it eases the stress or focus that prevents sleep. The deep relaxation of this strain helps people find a calm mental place. When the high winds down, most enjoy a night of deep, restful sleep. The Gushers strain is relatively new, and not many growers have reported their experiences yet. Early reports imply that it’s a pretty standard indica-dominant hybrid. It’s bushy and relatively easy to cultivate as long as there is enough light. Look for plants to reach three to four feet indoors and up to six feet outside. Also, Turbo Cookies Green Dragon Weed .

Since it’s a bushier strain, you don’t have to worry as much about high-stress training as you would with a tall, slim strain. You can still use low-stress training to help get the most out of your plants, though. The Screen of Green method can help develop an even canopy and maximize the light at every bud site. You could also try lollipopping to increase the yield. Using the lollipopping method is also a good idea because it can help Gusher plants with airflow.

 Lemon Drip strain Effects

Because this is a bushier strain, its dense foliage can harbor diseases where you can’t see it. Things like powdery mildew and pests can thrive in the calm, dark interior of a plant. Pruning using the lollipopping method will keep airflow even throughout the plant and cut down on pest threats.

EFFECTS energetic, body-calming, mellow
ADVERSE REACTIONS (NEGATIVE) dry eyes, cottonmouth, drowsy, slightly paranoid
FRAGRANCE creamy cookies, herby, spicy undertones
FLAVORS sour fruity candy, heavy tropical notes, creamy cookies


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