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TYSON weed Ric Flair Drip Cannabis 3.5G

Ric Flair Drip Tyson weed, This strain’s growing popularity certainly isn’t unfounded since gelato 33 strain genetics come from a line of heavy-weight parent strains that have rightly earned their stripes within the cannabis community, the first being Sunset sherbet.

According to Ric Flair Drip strain info, this strain does pose some difficulty to growers, especially due to its sensitivity to temperatures, making it a prime choice for indoor growers. Gelato 33 strain seeds are available online, or you could grow from cuttings; however, you need a fair grasp of cultivation knowledge to get the best out of your crop.

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Also, Knockout OG Tyson Weed 3.5G. It grows best in a Californian-style climate; however, if you reside in a region that doesn’t have prime weather, you may want to consider an indoor grow setup with a tent to best regulate your temperatures and airflow.

However, It has relatively good pest and disease resistance, although you will have to keep a close eye on them in case.

Rick Flair Drip Mike Tyson weed Effects

Despite being an indica-dominant hybrid, its effects are pleasantly sativa-leaning, with an uplifting mental high that gives you an energy jolt and an enveloping feeling of calm and serenity.

EFFECTS Feeling of calm and mental high
FLAVORS Wood, citrus, sweet blueberry
ADVERSE REACTIONS Dry eyes and thirst
MEDICAL Relief from discomforts, pain, and inflammation
CBD % 0.2% – 0.53%
INDICA/SATIVA % 55% / 45%


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