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True Mints – Green Dragon weed, A Cross Between True OG X Kush Mints #11. True Mints strain is such a creepy name for a cannabis. It is both absurd and spooky at the same time. From the name alone, this strain could arouse curiosity and spark an interest. So, what is it with the name? We think there are only three plausible reasons. One is that the name was taken from the parents. Another could be because of how it tastes and the effect it gives. Perhaps, it could also be both.

True Mints, as its name implies, delivers an intense mental high which can induce creativity and positivity. Its Sativa dominance is known to bring about a happy and exhilarating state. Nevertheless, this upper is not recommended for individuals with anxiety or depression.

Green Dragon True Mints STrain

Over the years, some strains could have variations and True Mints is one of them. For instance, one variant is the addition of a third strain called Bay Platinum Cookies. Adding to the confusion is the Pink Champagne, which has the same parent strains as True Mints. While the unclear origin of the strain makes this strain a phantom, the effects it gives to consumers is. Inline with this strain is, Z Crasher Green Dragon Weed.

True Mints is one strain that Sativa lovers would appreciate. From the onset, it cannot be denied that the cerebral high it gives rushes in an incredible sense of happiness and to the point of feeling euphoric. At up to 18% THC level, while a little above average, the psychoactive ingredients of this strain is still potent. As the mental high intensifies, so does the heightened sense of focus and creative thoughts flood the mind. Use a little too much and one is bound to experience psychedelic high.

 True Mints strain Effects

Some ten minutes later, as the Indica-property starts to make its presence felt, consumers generally would feel the mental high settling down a little. Despite the complete body relaxation, the mental high clearly dominates the effects of True Mints.

EFFECTS Happy – 10
Relaxed – 9
Euphoric – 8
Focused – 6
Uplifted – 6
Paranoid – 10
Dry mouth – 9
Dizzy – 3
Dry eyes – 2


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