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Buy Wedding Cake Green Dragon Cannabis Flower | 3.5G Green Dragon weed review

Wedding Cake Green Dragon weed, A Cross Between Wedding Cake X Wedding Cake. Pink Cookies, also commonly known as Wedding Cake, is reportedly a cross of Cherry Pie and GSC (also known as Girl Scout Cookies). The strain is reported to grow dense, teardrop-shaped buds with orange stigma hairs and shades of pink and red in a 56-day flowering period. Pink Cookies is best grown indoors in soil, though a warm, moderately humid outdoor environment is also suitable.

Under the name Wedding Cake, this strain won First Place in the Hybrid category at the 2018 High Times Cannabis Cup. According to lab testing results from Analytical 360, some Pink Cookies or Weeding Cake strains have shown to contain THC levels that exceed 24%. Do you like baked goods? Then you’ll love the Wedding Cake strain. This rare strain has an impressive kick. It’s a sweet, spicy, and cookie strain is known for its equally head high. Combine that with a super-relaxed body buzz that comes on quickly, and you end up with intense clarity and creative energy while staying grounded and ready for a long afternoon. Buyers of this strain also went for, Animal House Green Dragon Weed.

Green Dragon Wedding Cake Strain

 Wedding Cake is known for its potency. The marijuana masters at TH Seeds took a look at the genetics of the well-known Platinum Cookies strain and flipped the ratios, crossing OG Kush and Durban Poison for a flavorful, energetic experience. The result is a 60/40 sativa-dominant strain that tests as high as 23% THC levels. If you want a tasty, intense, long-lasting high, French Cookies is a perfect choice.

An ideal way to spend a relaxing weekend is with Wedding Cake, which can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. It produces profound relaxation, allowing muscles and tender areas to be relieved of tension. Furthermore, French Cookies is a beloved strain that can satisfy any cannabis enthusiast.

Wedding Cake strain Effects

Wedding Cake kicks in quickly and gives you a serious boost. The head high will noticeably take effect within minutes. The lifted, clear-headed buzz gives you energy without anxiety, leaving you focused and creative. It’s a perfect strain for daytime use because it’s not going to leave you hyper or sleepy. Users feel awake and aware but unwound.

EFFECTS Energetic
Dry eyes
FRAGRANCE Sweet, creamy, spicy, grape, fruity


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