Wedding Cake | Jungle Boys Weed Pack

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70% Indica /30% sativa
THC: 829.37%
CBD: 0.06%
Total Cannabinoids: 35.40%

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Jungle Boys Wedding Cake Strain Review

Wedding Cake jungle boys strain a hybrid weed strain, was developed by crossing White Fire #43 with Wedding Cake. This balanced and potent strain provides a smooth and relaxing high. With a combination of sweet and spicy flavors, Jungle Cake offers a diesel and nutty undertone. Boasting a THC content of 20%, it is ideal for experienced cannabis consumers.

Leafly customers report that Jungle Cake induces talkative, happy, and giggly effects. Individuals seeking relief from anxiety, stress, and depression often choose Jungle Cake as a medical marijuana option. Vanilla, pepper, and nutty flavors are evident in Jungle Cake, which has a dominant terpene of myrcene. This strain typically sells for $10-$20 per gram.
For a pleasant and calming strain that can elevate your mood and soothe your nerves, Jungle Cake may be a perfect choice. Share your experience by leaving a strain review if you have smoked, dabbed, or consumed Jungle Cake.

Wedding Cake Jungle Boys weed Effects

Wedding Cake’s buds emit a peppery aroma, with a spicy and sour note that harmonizes well with the strain’s earthy tones. It is sometimes marketed as “Pink Cookies,” so watch out for its alternate name. Cherry Pie and GSC are the parent strains of Wedding Cake. When smoked, Wedding Cake’s flavor is a little stronger than its fragrance suggests, but it still retains its sweet earthy characteristics.
This strain delivers an uplifting yet calming high, providing a boost of vitality while calming the mind to a relative tranquility. Gradually, the cerebral effect extends to the body, specifically the stomach, which encourages appetite and triggers a severe case of the munchies.
People have reported using Wedding Cake for the treatment of depression, chronic pain, arthritis, inflammation, daily stress, and cramps. With a higher dose, the strain may induce couch-lock, making it a versatile remedy for insomnia as well.Check these out too TK Lato #13 Jungle Boys and Moonwalker Purps Dabwoods Disposable


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