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       Zurple Gas Teds Budz 3.5G (1/8th Oz) Weed

Zurple Gas Teds Budz, is a indica strain that is a potent creation of the Alphakronik Genes lab. This deliciously soothing Indica strain is a sweet smelling plant that is well known and loved for its many medical uses, and its supreme healing benefits. It is a unique hybrid that is also a rare gem – this strain isn’t found on every corner, adding an air of exclusivity to its experience.

The euphoric strain, created by Alphakronik Genes, is inspiring for creative individuals. A cross between Purple Kush and Sin City Kush, it’s rich and enjoyable. Its popularity comes from its elusive effects.

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However, Zurple Gas has some very interesting floral notes that can also come through in its taste. This strain will mostly taste like coffee on the inhale, with a sweet and herbal aftertaste that will stay in the mouth, even long after you have exhaled its smoke. Also, Couch Potato Teds Buds and Zunday Brunch Teds Budz.

Again, its an uber-aromatic plant and is hard to ignore anytime it enters a room. Its aroma ranges between hints of earthy and floral, with lavender being one of the most pronounced scents you will smell. It is mellow and sweet in nature and simply pure bliss to enjoy. Michigan

Teds Budz Zurple Gas kush strain Effects

For those who struggle to clear their minds before bedtime, this hybrid strain is the perfect evening option. Known to be a preferred variant amongst insomniacs, it has the ability to relax even the most stubborn of sleep-deprived minds, leading to a blissful slumber.
Nevertheless, this strain is a powerful hybrid that provides just the right amount of relaxation and sedation without being overpowering. It is highly recommended for individuals who experience racing thoughts and a sense of restlessness at night. Its soothing properties are a reliable solution for those seeking a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep.


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