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Spidey-Ted Teds Budz 3.5G (1/8th Oz) Weed

Spidey-Ted Teds Budz is a flower that is aesthetically pleasing and is favored for its ease of cultivation and its delightful fragrance. This strain is a leading strain in the effort to manage chronic and inconvenient pain syndromes, and its medical capabilities can be attributed to its prestigious heritage. TGA Subcool Seeds’ sublime creation is an exceedingly enjoyable variety that has an ever-growing fan base, and for good reason.

Spidey-Ted is a plant that is generally cultivated with ease, resulting in a favorite among growers. It grows bushy and dense, producing whopping yields of excellent quality. By crossing Black Cherry Soda with the legendary strain Jack The Ripper, Ace Of Spades was developed, resulting in a flower with a pungent and citrusy aroma that possesses exceptional medical and recreational properties. Although this hybrid is generally well-balanced, it typically exhibits its sativa side more frequently than its indica side.

 Buy Teds Buds Spidey-Ted Flavors and Aroma

Spidey-Ted is a sweet and sour smelling flower that hints on its top-notch lineage. This hybrid practically reeks of citrus and fresh earth after a slight rain shower, with a heavy sour and sweet aroma hanging in the air long after this flower has left the vicinity. Spidey-Ted has a strong pungent flavor that will help catapult you into an enjoyable experience. This sativa dominant hybrid has a sweet and spicy taste that will make your tongue tickle, with a herbal berry and citrus presence in its aftertaste, and hints of earthy and herbal lingering on your taste buds.

This sativa dominant strain has some side effects that it has inherited from its parentage. It will cause dry mouth, itchy eyes, and dehydration. Spidey Ted  might make you dizzy and lethargic in high doses, making it unsuitable for busy days.If you enjoyed this product, you might also like these options, London Pound Cake (HYBRID) – Berner Cookies, Pink Crack #6 | Jungle Boys Weed Pack, Pineapple – Eighth Brother, King’s Toad – TYSON Weed, Ice Cream Mints Jungle Boys Smalls and Buddha Bliss | Cake She Hits Different Carts.

Teds Budz Spidey-Ted kush strain Effects | Flavors

Spidey-Ted Teds Budz has more sativa effects, especially in the early phases of the high. Your inner social butterfly will make you tell stories that no one else will, giving you an overall good energy rush that will make you giggle uncontrollably and encourage you to socialize more than normal.

This strain works best in the afternoon or on a day off because it can be sedative and make you feel drowsy and serene. Spidey-Ted is a great after-work smoke since it produces a strong thrill.

When operating heavy machinery, use this plant cautiously because greater dosages may produce sleepiness and sedation. You will feel an overall sense of elevation with the help of this blend, which will revitalize and invigorate you.

Exploring Ted’s Budz: Spidey Ted Cannabis Brand

Star Strain: Spidey Ted

  • Profile: A distinctive strain meticulously nurtured by Ted’s Budz.
  • Terpene Profile: Complex and alluring, offering a unique sensory experience.
  • Aroma: A concert of sweet pine and floral notes.
  • Flavor: Creamy, fruit-forward with hints of fruit, licorice, and citrus.
  • Visual Appeal: Light green canvas with orange hairs and subtle purple accents.
  • Effects: Induces joy, relaxation, and euphoria.
  • Potency: THC concentration of 33%, CBD concentration of 0.29%.


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