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Critterz The Smoker  Club Teds Budz 3.5G (1/8th Oz) Weed

Critterz Teds Buds is a renowned cannabis strain renowned for its exceptional blend of tastes and effects. Expertly designed with potency and flavor in mind, this multilayered hybrid strain is certainly worth the price. Its powerfulness is especially striking, boasting a THC content between 20-25%, and sometimes higher. This makes it a beloved option for more experienced users who desire a powerful, enduring high.

Critterz The Smoker Club strain’s dense and lumpy buds boast a considerable amount of trichomes, providing a picturesque frosty finish and its signature potency. As always, personal results may differ based on personal preference, dosage, and individual tolerance.

Teds Buds Critterz The Smoker Club Origine | THC Characteristics

Critterz Teds Budz is an innovative blend of two widely-enjoyed strains. Predominantly indica-based Critterz brings calming and soporific qualities, while Teds Budz – a sativa-dominant selection – induces uplifting, energizing effects. The hybrid of these two varietals produces a balanced experience of soothing physical comfort and cerebral alertness. Also, Rainbow Bubbagum Teds Buds 3.5G weed Pack and Cronuts Teds Budz 3.5G Weed Pack.

The most outstanding quality of Critterz Teds Budz is its high THC concentration. This strain generally contains THC values in the range of 20% to 25%, rendering it strongly potent. This potent THC content is responsible for its strong effects, which quickly become evident shortly after ingestion.

Teds Budz Critterz kush strain Effects | Flavor

A substantial portion of Macaroni and Cheese can leave one feeling fatigued and slothful, and a full plate will produce the same result (without the calories). It has been recognized to effectively battle long-term tension, distress, aches, migraines, and reduced appetite. The effects of this strain range from cognitive and physical; often resulting in a euphoric sensation of raised creativity and concentration. As such, this strain is ideal for day use or when participating in imaginative tasks.

Critterz Teds Budz has an attractive flavor profile that differentiates it from other cannabis strains. A subtle combination of sweetness, citrus, and earthiness creates a delectable taste, while its aroma of tropical fruits and pine further enriches the experience of enjoying it.


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