Couch Keeper – The Smoker’s Club (Hybrid) Teds Budz 3.5G


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Couch Keeper – The Smoker’s Club Budz 3.5G (1/8th Oz) Weed

Couch Keeper – The Smoker’s Club Teds Budz, is a strain with outstanding effects. It delivers a euphoric rush with its intense THC levels of up to 22% and keeps users upbeat. Interestingly, it also makes users feel sleepy in spite of its cerebral buzz. In creating Couch keeper, the original breeders wanted to enhance the “Farmer 12” version of OG Kush. In doing so, they took the former and backcrossed it multiple times.

Later, it was paired with the Indica leaning Sensi Star for its great grow and sturdy structure. Meanwhile, Medicine Man heavily influenced its therapeutic benefits. The tedious process of stabilizing the herb resulted in what the industry now knows as Couch keeper. Its improved flavors and effects have won the hearts of enthusiasts all around the industry.

While its recreational use is well documented, it remains an important bud in the medical marijuana community fo its natural healing abilities.

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Washing over the mouth once Couch keeper puffed are sweet overtones of garden picked flowers with hints wet soil still attached to it. Accentuating it is scent of pine that turns into a woody aftertaste once the smoke is exhaled. Also, S Teds Buds 3.5G weed Pack and Couch Potato Teds Budz 3.5G Weed Pack.

Gatekeeper OG has a pungent floral vibe dominated by refreshing notes of pine. Broken apart or combusted, a woodiness mixed with earth permeates in the room. There is always the possibility of feeling a little dehydrated while smoking marijuana. This is not uncommon though as cannabinoids usually inhibit the production of moisture especially sensitive areas like the tear ducts and salivary glands.

Teds Budz Couch Keeper – The Smoker’s Club kush strain Effects

This strain effects is similar to OG Kush in many ways. For one, it begins almost immediately after the first puff and clears the mind with a rush of euphoria. And, by doing so, it inspires a sense of curiosity in users that allows them to concentrate for longer periods of time.

EFFECTS Euphoric – 10
Relaxed – 10
Sleepy – 5
Uplifted – 5
Focused – 5
FRAGRANCE Pungent, floral, pine, woody, earth
FLAVORS Sweet, floral, earthy, pine, woody
MEDICAL Fatigue – 10



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