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Couch Keeper – The Smoker’s Club Budz 3.5G (1/8th Oz) Weed

Couch Keeper  Teds Budz, highly-prized cannabis variety, is well-known for its ability to bring relaxation and a feeling of ease. This predominantly indica hybrid was created by combining two powerful parent strains, OG Kush and Granddaddy Purple. The creators of this strain wished to amplify the potency of the Farmer 12 OG Kush strain, which they accomplished through repeated backcrossing.

The combination of Indica-leaning Sensi Star, renowned for its sturdy structure and great growth, and the therapeutic benefits of Medicine Man was a painstakingly arduous process, leading to the development of what is now called Couch Keeper. With its delightful flavors and effects, Couch Keeper has become a favorite among connoisseurs throughout the industry.

Pika Blu Chew Aroma | Appearance

A defining attribute of Couch Keeper Teds Budz is its powerful fragrance. Boasting a mix of pungent and earthy notes, further accented by hints of pine and citrus, this strain will quickly fill any space with its invigorating scent. This pleasant aroma makes it a beloved selection for cannabis enthusiasts. Also, Teds Buds 3.5G weed Pack and Couch Potato Teds Budz 3.5G Weed Pack.

Moreover, Budz from Couch Keeper – The Smoker’s Club Teds Budz tend to be thick, dense, and compact, sporting an alluring combination of deep green and subtle purple hues and a delectable layer of trichomes. However, no one can deny the extraordinary qualities of Couch Keeper Teds Budz; its rich, velvety texture and delicate sweetness of berries and herbs, is an incredibly blend that promises a pleasureable taste sensation.

kush strain Effects | Medical Benefits

This variety is comparable to OG Kush in many aspects. However, Immediately after one puff, an influx of elation permeates the mind and encourages increased attention and alertness. Couch Keeper, when ingested, begets a calming sensation that starts in the head and steadily drifts down to the entire body. Individuals commonly report experiencing both serenity and bliss, making it a perfect pick for those wishing to wind down after a hard day or relieve tension and uneasiness. The strain’s calming effects can also be advantageous for treating insomnia, bringing about a peaceful sleep. You can also check on Rove Cartridges Online and Dried Mushrooms.


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