Ghost of Dede (Sativa) Teds Budz 3.5G


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                    Ghost of Dede Teds Budz 3.5G (1/8th Oz) Weed

Ghost of Dede Teds Budz, is a potent high-THC strain that can have a varied response, depending on the dosage. This sativa strain is the perfect medical strain, as it is an instant cure for many illnesses and conditions that can otherwise make a normal life seem almost impossible to achieve. This renowned sativa is a famed and popular psychedelic strain that is known for maintaining some of the highest THC levels available out there.

Ghost of Dede leans towards being more of a sativa blend, and is an intense feel-good smoke. It was created by crossing Ghost OG with Nevil’s Wreck, creating a useful recreational and medical strain that is heavy-handed, and recommended to only experienced smokers. It was bred by Rare Dankness, and has since made it into circulation, spreading across Europe and North America alike.

However, This hybrid carries notes of citrus and floral, adding to the pleasurable experience. It can be quite pungent, a clear indicator of its potency, and can leave a heavy sweet and citrus aroma hanging in the air.

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This strong Sativa strain carries a pleasant mix of flavors, and ultimately tastes much in the same way it smells. This strain has a smoke that is reminiscent of all sorts of citrus flavors. Upon the inhale, its sweet lemon presence will make itself know, finishing off with an earthy aftertaste in the exhale. Also, Spidey Ted Teds Bds 3.5G weed Pack and Ginzu Teds Budz 3.5G Weed Pack.

Ghost of dede is a long list of medical uses, and is therefore widely prescribe by many doctors who seek out alternative cures for their patients. At lower doses, this strain is very useful in treating those who live with ADD and ADHD, as it can be relaxing and calming, without making you sleepy.

Teds Budz Ghost of Dede kush strain Effects

Moreover, it can easily be classified as a very strong sativa, and has some of the most pleasurable effects out there. This strain can make you break out into a fit of giggles, where you can easily end up on the floor in fits of uncontrollable laughter, for no apparent reason whatsoever.

EFFECTS happy – 10
uplifted – 10
euphoric – 9
energetic – 8
focused – 7
dry mouth – 7
paranoid – 7
dry eyes – 4
dizzy – 3
FRAGRANCE citrus, earthy, floral, pungent, sweet
FLAVORS earthy, citrus, sweet, lemon
MEDICAL depression – 10
stress – 9
pain – 7
fatigue – 5
inflammation – 5



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