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                     Ghost of Dede Teds Budz 3.5G (1/8th Oz) Weed

Ghost of Dede Teds Budz is an intriguing high-THC sativa strain known for its varying effects, often influenced by dosage. Created by combining Ghost OG with Nevil’s Wreck, this strain is recognized for its medicinal properties and notably high THC levels. Its potency suggests suitability for experienced cannabis users.

This strain offers a distinct flavor profile characterized by citrusy and floral notes, delivering a unique taste experience. Moreover, it’s celebrated for its strong aroma, contributing to its appeal among cannabis enthusiasts. Its popularity stems from its potent effects and exceptional taste, making it highly regarded in the cannabis community.

       Teds Buds Ghost of Dede Flavor | Aroma

Ghost of Dede strain is characterized by a robust and pungent aroma, featuring notes of skunk, diesel, earthiness, citrus, and subtle sweetness. With proper curing, its scent can be potent enough to fill a room. Additionally, the strain offers a complex flavor profile, blending earthy, diesel, and citrus notes, providing a smooth and sweet taste upon inhalation and leaving a lasting diesel aftertaste upon exhalation. Also, Spidey Ted Teds Budz and Ginzu Teds Budz.

Teds Budz Ghost of Dede Effects 

However, Ghost of Dede strain is reputed for its rapid and robust effects. Ghost of Dede provides a balanced blend of cerebral stimulation and physical ease for versatile daytime or evening consumption. Still, users experience uplifting euphoria, heightened creativity, and enhanced focus, aiding mental clarity.

It also calms the body, easing stress and muscle tension, potentially aiding sleep for those with insomnia or restlessness.


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