Blimpy (Sativa) Teds Budz 3.5G


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Blimpy Teds Budz 3.5G (1/8th Oz) Weed

Blimpy Teds Budz, is a sativa marijuana strain with almost a 98% Sativa split. The strain, bred by Exotic Genetix and grown by Revolutionary Clinics, is the offspring of Lime Skunk and The Cube, two interesting strains in their own right. Mr. Clean is no stranger to adoration. It regularly receives praise for its refreshing and enjoyable effects.

Along with genetics and an impressive THC, the strain’s terpene profile has much to do with this. Living up to its name, It has a magical ability to boost your spirit by “cleaning out” bad moods.  Prepare for a bucket load of cleaning-related jokes as we unpack this Mr. Clean strain review.

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After getting a whiff of the intoxicating aromas, you’ll be dying for a taste. Unfortunately, this one is a bit of a letdown. The flavor doesn’t match the intensity of the fragrance, and the tastes that come through aren’t for everyone. Think hazy, greasy, and terpy with a touch of clean pine. Also, yuzu Teds Bds 3.5G weed Pack  and Ultra Slusher Teds Buds 3.5G weed pack.

Blimpy strain gets much of its flavor from its terpenes, though its parents, The Cube and Lime Skunk, also play a significant role in the taste. Its overall aroma is pungent, bold, and skunky, alluding to the strain’s potency and promising a delicious and memorable toke.

Teds Budz Blimpy kush strain Effects

You’re almost guaranteed to experience dry eyes, cottonmouth, and thirst when working with this potency level. Stock up on water bottles and eye drops, and you should be good to go. Other side effects not uncommon with  a strain of this caliber include dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety. 

THC 27%
CBD <1.4%
Effects Mood lifting
Fragrance Ammonia
Flavors Pine
Lime Skunk
Adverse Reaction Dry eyes, cottonmouth, thirst


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