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      Manhattan Gumdrop Teds Budz 3.5G

Manhattan Gumdrop Teds Budz, renowned for its sweet and fruity essence, is not meant for chewing but is an enjoyable smoke. Bred by Dr. Underground Seeds, this strain was meticulously crafted to achieve visual allure, captivating aroma, and bursting flavors. The breeders carefully selected two exceptional hybrids to create this strain, resulting in a high THC content of 23%. It emits an intense fruity and sweet fragrance, enriched with subtle hints of gum and strawberry.

Embraced by cannabis enthusiasts, Manhattan Gumdrop Teds Budz stands out for its potent effects and delightful taste. Its impressive fusion of high potency and rich flavor has made it a favorite among both recreational and medicinal users of marijuana.

Teds Buds Manhattan Gumdrop Genetics and Lineage

The hybrid strain resulting from the combination of Manhattan Gumdrop and Teds Budz genetics showcases the best attributes inherited from its renowned parents. The exact genetic profile of the Manhattan Gumdrop strain may exhibit some variability, potentially influenced by specific breeding techniques and practices employed by different breeders. Try these also, white Cronuts Teds Buds and Moo Shu Teds Budz.

Manhattan Gumdrop kush strain Effects | Flavors

This strain, Manhattan Gumdrop, is distinguished by its remarkable fusion of flavors. Inhaled, it offers a tropical mix of sweetness and tartness, akin to mangoes and pineapples, with subtle earthy and spicy notes. This unique combination creates an exceptional and enjoyable experience whether smoked or vaporized.

Manhattan Gumdrop is reputed for its robust effects, encompassing both invigorating and calming qualities. Initially, it initiates a euphoric and cerebral high, fostering feelings of joy, creativity, and enhanced focus. Notably, users may experience heightened sociability and chattiness. As the high progresses, it transitions into a physically relaxing state, offering profound relaxation and a soothing body buzz.


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