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Animal Fries Teds Budz 3.5G (1/8th Oz) Weed

Animal Fries Teds Budz,If you are wondering, let us explain – the bud of the Animal Fries marijuana strain does not look like an animal’s face. Instead, this strain gets the name from its parents. it is a cross between the Faceoff OG and the Animal Mints strain. This rare strain has about 80% sativa  genes. The THC levels are also quite high at 25%, even getting up to as high as 30%. The CBD levels, if any, are unknown.

Animal Fries is amongst the nicest marijuana strains worth sharing with friends during a casual get-together at home. The body high soon follows. According to those who’ve tried it, the high begins with tingles that alert you of upcoming relaxing effects. Soon you are in a state of intense relaxation from head to toe.


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The fragrance of Animal Fries marijuana strain starts sweet. Gradually it develops into a fresh pine scent with a hint of nuts. The earthy mix of the buds has a pronounced diesel-like aroma. Many users have experienced a slight citrus smell on inhale. This complex combination is something that cannot be kept hidden. So, beware, it is not a low-key strain Also, Pika blu chew Teds Buds 3.5G weed Pack and 41 Unicornz Teds Buds 3.5G Weed Pack.

Animal Fries gets its terpene levels from its FaceOff parent strain, whereas the smooth cookie sweetness is courtesy of the Animal Mints lineage.

Teds Budz Animal Fries kush strain Effects

Therefore, start with small doses. You can gradually increase the amount as you get more comfortable with the strain’s effects.

EFFECTS Euphoric
ADVERSE REACTIONS Extreme cerebral and body high
FRAGRANCE Sweet, fresh pine, nuts, diesel, citrus
FLAVORS Mint, sweet nuts, earthy, sweet cookies
FLOWERING TIME 9-11 weeks indoors, around end of September outdoors


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