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Rainbow Sherbet Time Machine Cannabis 3.5G

Rainbow Sherbet Time Machine, is seriously something special that might as well be straight out of the pages of a stoner fantasy novel. When it comes to weed, the Rainbow chip strain is pretty much a pot of green gold (Get it? “Pot,” “rainbow,”… )

Originally developed by Exotic Genetix, this weed strain is a perfectly balanced hybrid combining Sunset Sherbert and Mint Chocolate Chip strains into one delectable, Cannabis Cup-winning treat.

A great deal of this strains magic can be credited to its diverse terpene profile. It is a fan favorite for its flavorful taste and fragrance as well as its various therapeutic benefits.

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The flavor that the Rainbow sherbet marijuana strain delivers is quite fruity, though also reminiscent of minty chocolate chip dessert, along with serving up hints of both herbal undertones and a light sour citrus flavor. Also, Sherbert Gelato Time Machine Weed 3.5G .

On the exhale, you detect a chocolatey fuel taste, soon followed by the subtle tingling effects felt throughout your lips and body, letting you know that the Rainbow chip strain is working its magic.

Time Machine Kush Rainbow Sherbet strain Effects

Few cannabis strains are as memorable as those that get you super baked but still keep you in control of your ability to function, especially in social situations. It’s the type of weed you’d want to take with you to a family reunion for those sneaky hotbox sessions in the car with that stoner cousin you only ever see once every few years.

EFFECTS Euphoric
FRAGRANCE Berry, orange, sweet
FLAVORS Mint, chocolate, herb
ADVERSE REACTIONS Red-eye, occasional munchies, cotton-mouth


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