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Sherbet Gelato Time Machine Cannabis 3.5G

Sherbet Gelato Time Machine, has taken the best qualities from each parent, sending you on a journey that is as mentally stimulating as it is physically calming. This formidable combination has created a hybrid that is equal parts Sativa/Indica, delivering a gratifying balance between cerebral and physical high.

Parent strain Sunset Sherbet is the offspring of GSC and Pink Panties, while Thin Mint GSC combines Sunset Sherbet and Gelato. Gelato 47 and this strain are similar strains with slightly higher Indica levels.

Although relatively new, this weed strain has already gained a reputation that would make parent strains Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC proud. The luxurious Sherbet Gelato strain THC level averages 21%, guaranteeing a potent high to delight any cannabisseur.

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This strain tastes the way it smells. On the inhale, you get mild hints of fruit with a touch of creaminess. The sweet and sour contrast of the fruity flavors pairs wonderfully with the smooth smokiness of the earthy vanilla elements.  Also, Strawberry Cough Time Machine Weed 3.5G .

The exhale is more vibrant, with a delicious mix of vanilla, mint, and fruity essence. When the nugs are ground and burned, comforting tones of vanilla and roasted nuts come through. You can smoke this strain without worrying about any residual stench. Any lingering aroma can easily be mistaken for potpourri.

Time Machine Kush Sherbet Gelato strain Effects

Speaking of effect, this is a must-have if you are about to get creative. But be warned – this isn’t your run-of-the-mill muse. 15 Minutes after smoking, you will embark on a journey into a world so abstract that Alice in Wonderland will seem normal in comparison. You are enlightened to the complexity of your consciousness, and suddenly, nothing is ordinary or mundane.

EFFECTS Creative
Visual and auditory stimulation
Mild hallucinations
Hunger pangs
Flushed cheeks
Pulsing temples
Dry eyes
FRAGRANCE Flower petals, earthy, fruity, mint, vanilla, roasted nuts
FLAVORS Fruity, creamy, vanilla, mint, sweet, sour, earthy


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