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StrawBerry Cough Time Machine Cannabis 3.5G

StrawBerry Cough Time Machine, is a distinct sativa, that was popularized due to its strong strawberry smelling and tasting presence. Although its exact mix of strains is disputed, one thing is for sure. This mystery strain is derived from the Haze strain, although details on its exact heritage are a bit unclear, pun intended.

if you are looking for a special sweetness mixed with a guaranteed clear-headedness, then this is the strain for you – as soon as you recover from the unavoidable coughing. The only thing about its history that makes sense is that it was supposedly cultivated in a strawberry field, creating uniquely sweet bud.

Strawberry Cough was named that, for its exact effect in triggering a cough attack in even the most experienced smokers. Because of this strain’s sweet nature, this cough then consequently ends up hinting on a very obvious strawberry flavor.

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Upon inhalation, This is immediately sweet on your tongue, and the flavor clings, creating a delicious berry aftertaste. It has a touch of herbal notes to it, mixed in with a healthy dose of sweetness. Also, Straw Brulee Time Machine Weed 3.5G .

However, This strain is pleasant not only to the cerebral side of things, but also provides a complete aromatic experience. This plant smells like a field of fresh strawberries, the earthy tang hanging in the air like flowers in spring.

Time Machine Kush StrawBerry Cough strain Effects

Its immediate effect is that you will burst out into a cough, as your throat will feel a strong tingling sensation after smoking it. However, once that immediate effect fades, it becomes more than enjoyable.

EFFECTS happy – 10
uplifted – 8
euphoric – 8
energetic – 7
relaxed – 7
dry eyes – 8
headache – 2
dizzy – 2
anxious – 1
FRAGRANCE earthy, floral, sweet, herbal
FLAVORS strawberry, sweet, berry, earthy, sugary, spicy
MEDICAL stress – 10
depression – 8
pain – 5
fatigue – 4
lack of appetite – 4


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