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Cereal Milk Time Machine Cannabis 3.5G

Cereal Milk Time Machine, is a One of the newest hybrid strains on the market, Cereal Milk is already receiving rave reviews. You may have heard about it from High Times or other places, but to be honest, this hybrid is still a bit of a mystery.

This strain originated in California, and its original breeder is not currently sharing. It is a combination of Y Life, which is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, and Snowman, a Cookies phenotype that’s heavy on the sativa side.

This mixture provides a pleasant blend of indica body high and sativa head high, according to those who’ve been lucky enough to try it.

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The flavor of this is just as strong as its scent. You’ll get that sweet, carb-heavy after taste that you’d expect from cereal milk, thanks to its Cherry Pie and Cookie ancestors. The fruity profile is a little more intense in the flavor, but no less sweet, and is pleasantly strong on the exhale. Also, Ice Cream Cake Time Machine Weed 3.5G .

This weed strain smells just like you’d expect. It’s a sweet, creamy first hit, with a nutty undertone and hint of fruitiness. The scent is powerful, almost like perfume. Besides Cap’n Crunch, Cereal Milk is also described as smelling like Fruity Pebbles.

Time Machine Kush Cereal Milk strain Effects

Forget the fact that it smells like a kid’s favorite food, Cereal Milk is potent. It hits quickly, with deep relaxation followed by a euphoric high. Creative thoughts begin almost immediately and last for the duration of the high. After about thirty minutes, your body will feel noticeably lighter, while your soul begins to feel more energetic.

EFFECTS Hits quickly, with deep relaxation followed by a euphoric high
ADVERSE REACTIONS (NEGATIVE) Dry eye and cottonmouth,
slight jitters, forgetfulness, and mild disorientation
FRAGRANCE Sweet, fruity
FLAVORS Carb-heavy after taste


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