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HitchHiker Connected Cannabis Co. 3.5G

HitchHiker Connected Cannabis, is decorated with large, dense olive green nuggets coated in a frosting of white trichomes and dark reddish-brown hairs creeping along the surface. This weed strain plant is quite a sight to behold, boasting leaves of deep purple bordering on almost black.

It also comes with a list of therapeutic benefits, delivering just under 2% CBD and a range of terpenes to relieve several ailments. It also strain serves up a high that calms the mind and body, leaving you mentally, cognitively, and physically active.

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And, It smokes smooth and doesn’t hit the chest quite as much as its danky, fruity counterparts, leaving you with an exhale that soon brings on its glorious effects. Also, Wipeout Connected Cannabis 3.5G .

For a strain that rolls in the heavyweight class for THC content, the White Truffle strain is surprisingly modest in its fragrance.  And that’s not to say that it doesn’t hold a glorious scent; it just doesn’t project that danky pungent-ness we’ve come to expect from others of its caliber.

Connected Cannabis HitchHiker strain Effects

It’s rare to come across a potent strain (25% – 30% THC content) that doesn’t just knock you flat on your back and leave you there. Instead, the White Truffles strain envelopes you in an uplifted mood and a renewed sense of energy.

FRAGRANCE Citrus, lemon, mushroom, light pepper
FLAVORS Earth, herb, mushroom, garlic, spice
ADVERSE REACTIONS Red eyes, cotton-mouth


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