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Wipeout Connected Cannabis Co. 3.5G

Wipeout Connected Cannabis, is an sativa-dominant that was created by the popular Gelato #41 . The dense dark buds of this fast-acting strain stimulate the senses with a sweet creamy aroma and taste – with notable fruity, floral and funky tones when ground.

For medical users, it often offers pain relief. Also, its mood-altering properties can also help in dealing with mental health issues. The same effects are also sought after by recreational users.

From all accounts, it traces its lineage to an African Sativa. It appears that Paradise Seeds took a strain from Swaziland, Southern Africa and brought it to Netherlands. Already, it has won the Bio Category of the 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup. As such, we can expect a vigorous growth and production.

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Many users have reported feeling more anxious or paranoid while using this strain. For this reason alone, those who are going through anxiety issues should refrain from using it. Also, Hermosa kush Connected Cannabis 3.5G .

As pleasant as it smells, it is more delightful to the taste. The scent of Dutch Dragon carries over with a tangy hint of orange and tangerine. As a result, it is one of the better tasting cannabis ever created. Such is the experience of using this strain, and this will go on for two to three hours.

Connected Cannabis Wipeout strain Effects

All throughout the incredible cerebral high, it gently creeps in the body. As it envelops the whole body, users feel their muscles loosening. The complete body relaxation that this strain brings on blends in smoothly with the mental effects.

EFFECTS Happy – 10
Euphoric – 10
Uplifted – 9
Energetic – 7
Hungry – 5
Anxious – 9
Dry eyes – 6
Paranoid – 5
Dizzy – 5
FRAGRANCE Sweet, fruity
FLAVORS Sweet, fruity, citrus, orange, tangerine
MEDICAL Depression – 10
Pain – 8
Lack of appetite – 7
Nausea – 6
Inflammation – 5


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