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Guava 2.0 Connected Cannabis Co. 3.5G

Guava 2.0 Connected Cannabis It is just as enjoyable when you’re alone, especially if you’re about to get creative. It is also an exceptional mood booster during cases of melancholia. Guava is adept at combating symptoms of stress, body pains, and ADHD. Even with no CBD Guava strain calms nerves and is also a great appetite stimulant.

This strain can help you feel relaxed and allow you to forget all your day-to-day worries, making you feel lighter, cerebrally. This strain is also recommended for the treatment of chronic depression, and is known for having helped many patients manage their conditions more successfully.

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 That weed is extra fragrant and recognizable with just that alone, as it chemical and sour notes will be difficult to forget.  Also, Nightshade Connected Cannabis 3.5G

The strain smells quite harsh and can be difficult to hide from nosy people around you, as its skunky aroma is very overpowering. That weed strain outranks most of its companions on the pungency scale, but it also includes appetizing flavors as well.

Connected Cannabis Guava 2.0 strain Effects

That weed  can make some consumers feel slightly paranoid or anxious at times, especially if they are unaccustomed to this particular sativa. It has many it positive effects that have made it a very popular strain, and it seems that making you feel good about yourself and everything around you is its main priority.  Guava will have you ready to debate until the cows come home. Not just because it makes you unusually talkative, but also because you will have the focus needed to hold your own. And even if you do lose this one, you will be too happy to care.

EFFECTS happy – 10
relaxed – 7
creative – 6
aroused – 6
euphoric – 6
dry eyes – 2
dizzy – 1
paranoid – 1
anxious – 1
FRAGRANCE chemical, harsh, lemon, skunky
FLAVORS sweet, earthy, pine, buttery, chemical, citrus, skunky, tropical
MEDICAL stress – 10
depression – 9
fatigue – 4
muscle spasms – 3
pain – 3


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