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HighRise Connected Cannabis Co. 3.5G

HighRise Connected Cannabis, was born by breeding Triangle Kush with the Animal Mints strain. With a 20%-25% THC level, this weed strain (also known as Octagon Kush) has gained notoriety for its powerful highs and heavy couchlock.

However, It contain a diverse flavor profile with rich earthy tones that keep you coming back for “just one more,” which could be to the detriment of beginner smokers. It is the offspring of two renowned strains – both with an awe of mystery regarding their origins. What is abundantly clear is their potency.

This weed strain comes from the heart of Florida and is a heavyweight, Indica-dominant strain with THC levels ranging from the mid to high twenties. It’s hailed for its relaxing yet mentally uplifting highs and earthy flavors.

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This strain contains just under 2% CBD, which may not seem like a lot; however it’s more than could be said for countless other strains. Also, B-Side – Biscotti Connected Cannabis 3.5G .

This added CBD boost makes the HighRise weed strain a favorable choice for therapeutic use. It’s great at easing chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, and insomnia. It will also make you very hungry. However, dry, red eyes and cottonmouth are to be next..

Connected Cannabis HighRise strain Effects

Sweet vanilla pungency!! The flavor and fragrance alone are enough to justify this plant.Its aroma, much like the flavor, is a fine combination of sweet mint, spice, and herbs entwined in a pungency that’s been turned up to 11.

EFFECTS Euphoria, cheerfulness
FLAVORS Sweet mint, spice, herbs, creamy vanilla
ADVERSE REACTIONS Dry, red eyes and cottonmouth
MEDICAL Chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, stress, and insomnia


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