B-Sides – Biscotti (HYBRID) – Connected Cannabis 3.5 Grams


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B-Sides – Biscotti Connected Cannabis Co. 3.5G

B-Sides – Biscotti Connected Cannabis, is a perfectly 50/50 balanced hybrid with THC levels hovering around 20 %. The high is mellow, making it an excellent strain for those that like to stay functional. With a creative head high alongside a tingly body buzz, Apple Jack strain is perfect for spending long days with friends.

Is the this strain indica or sativa? Most people will not ask this question – it’s such a well-rounded experience that the balanced blend is obvious. However, it’s definitely a recreational strain! The intense tingly feeling and euphoric buzz make it a little distracting for therapeutic users.

This plant was created through an inspired cross of White Widow and Jack Herer, which is the source of its delicious flavor and unique buzz.

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The sugary sweet apple flavor and the earthy spiciness blend into a complex but delicious experience. The exhale includes a hint of tartness that helps round it out into an enjoyable smoke. Also, Bad Apple Connected Cannabis 3.5G .

Like the cereal, this strain is fruity, with just a hint of spice in the smell. There’s a hint of pungent earth underneath, so you don’t forget this strain’s famous parents. Overindulging can occasionally lead to drowsiness, but some people report mild anxiety and paranoia stemming from the energy this strain offers.

Connected Cannabis B-Sides – Biscotti strain Effects

It’s not a bad idea for casual smokers to take a puff and then wait a little while to make sure that they are comfortable. It’s a focused feeling that’s super creative, helping get you hyped for a long afternoon of socializing with friends.

EFFECTS Euphoric
Cotton mouth
Dry eyes
FRAGRANCE Fruity, spicy, pungent
FLAVORS Sweet, apple, earthy


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