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Super Dog Connected Cannabis Co. 3.5G

Super Dog Connected Cannabis, does have a temperate climate where it neither gets too cold or hot for the most part. Moreover, the country has bright days with loads of sunlight – the perfect conditions for growing plants.

Their THC levels are also similar, reaching up to 10% or more. Though not as potent as today’s powerhouses, they remain a staple in the cannabis industry for their pure genetics, stable chemical profiles, and sturdy structures.

However, While they may come from different parts of the land, they all tend to have similar effects. Not only that, their flavors are surprising tropical with obvious hints of citrus and lemon. Although, some may also have hints of skunk.

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To fully appreciate the flavor of a strain, one needs to draw it in. In the case of this Sativa, the citric fragrance carries over to the palate. It bursts with the sweet taste of ripened lemons complemented by the herbaceous taste of spices. As the smoke exits the mouth, it leaves a woody aftertaste. Also, S Connected Cannabis 3.5G .

Sativas typically have fruity aromas and those found in Switzerland are no different. It has the zesty citric aroma sweet lemons with undertones of wet soil and herbs, making each nug seem freshly picked. Broken apart and combusted, the subtle refreshing scent of pine fills the room.

Connected Cannabis Super Dog strain Effects

For casual users, the mental upliftment is motivating. It inspires a genuine curiosity for tasks at hand. And, with heightened focus, it leaves many engrossed in finding the perfect solution to work-related problems. Toking too much, though, will prove to be counterproductive. makes for an excellent daytime strain that is best toked in the morning or early afternoon.

FRAGRANCE Fruity, lemon, earthy, herbal, pine
FLAVORS Citrus, sweet, lemon, herbal, spicy, woody


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