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Gelato 41 Connected Cannabis Co. 3.5G

Gelato 41 Connected Cannabis, is this indica-dominant strain that stems from a lineage of legends, with its parent strains being the well-known Gelato #33 and the ever-loved. Delivering an all-around hybrid high that starts with a cerebral rush before subsiding into the relaxing body-high that indica strains are known for.

This indica-dominant strain (75% indica to 35%) is a great nighttime strain for unwinding after a long day and relaxing into an evening of movies and snacks. s mentioned earlier, the origins are unknown, although thankfully, seeds are available online if you would like to cultivate this strain yourself.

The ever-growing popularity of this strain can be accredited to the heavy-hitter genes that make up Gelato Cake genetics.

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However, Its overall aroma is sweet and fresh, with prominent citrus elements, although it’s not without that dankness we’ve all come to love. Also, Lemonatti Connected Cannabis 3.5G .

Limonene lifts moods and contributes to the citrus flavor, while Linalool, the other leading terp in this strain, lends its floral flavor and calming properties. This weed strain taste and smell are certainly unique, displaying a peculiar mix of pepper and pine with berries and vanilla.

Connected Cannabis Gelato 41 strain Effects

The strain comes on fast and hits you with a sudden wave of cerebral euphoria, quickly elevating your mood and bringing on a sense of happiness and zest. This is, however, shortly followed by a sweep of relaxation and a sense of calm flowing through your body.

Plant type 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
THC 18%-25%
CBD 0.4% – 0.71%
Effects Euphoria
Flavors Sour citrus | Creamy | Vanilla
Adverse Reaction Red eyes, cottonmouth, and mild thirst


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