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Wowdatsfire Teds Budz 3.5G (1/8th Oz) Weed

Wowdatsfire Teds Budz, is one of OG Kush’s most potent descendants. A powerhouse in itself, drawing in too much of its smoke can lead to debilitating consequences. In moderation, however, it induces a pleasant cerebral buzz that lasts up to 3 hours. Though it barely needs to be improved upon, a mystery breeder wanted to use its genetics to create a new hybrid that embodied its head high but with an equally strong physical effect.

And, what better choice is there than the famous Skywalker strain? Its heavy-hitting body high, along with its tremendous medicinal qualities, make it a top-notch cross. This strain is, in many respects, an enhanced version of Fire OG. It carries the distinct flavors that OG strains carry. Highly potent, its THC content which measure up to 25% induce a high that brings users beyond the sky. It also has a tranquilizing psychedelic high that crushes stress in its path.

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Drawing in this weed strain is like taking a spoonful of nutritious herbs doused with spices and citrus. Savoring its smoke reveals its floral underneath a backdrop of earth. On the exhale, it leaves a strong woody aftertaste.Also, Lilium  Teds Buds and Yuzu Teds Budz.

Wowdatsfire is an extremely pungent strain with an aroma that is immediately noticeable even from afar. However, it smells nothing like burnt food. Instead, it is a bowl of herbs spritz with a zesty citrus before being sprinkled with spices. Broken apart or combusted, it releases woody notes a floral earth. Most of the time, however, users only experience a headache which can also be avoided through pacing and moderation.

Teds Budz Wowdatsfire kush strain Effects

After some time has passed, the uplifting buzz that erupts in the temples during the initial onset develops into a tingling sensation. It gradually ebbs down to the rest of the body, surging in the muscles as a rush of energy. Like a well-oiled machine ready for a test drive, users move with fluidity and a bounce in each step.


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