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Sour Melon Bubbagum Teds Budz 3.5G (1/8th Oz) Weed

Sour Melon Bubbagum Teds Budz has a modest name since it is benign and hints of a kiddie treat. Except for one point, its sweet and fruity taste makes it true in a sort. Although it cannot be chewed, one can smoke it. It not only satisfies the taste but also more so the body and the mind than confectionaries. The breeder, Dr. Underground Seeds, sought for a plant with fragrance as well as beauty. Moreover, it ought to taste delicious. They selected two hybrids with the features they felt to be the most perfect to do this.

First is a lavender male from Soma Seeds. Beautiful, aromatic, and most importantly, it produces a fairly good body high. Then Dr. Underground teamed it with a female Bubble Gum from Serious Seeds. A very skilled hybrid, the past two-time Cannabis Cup winner also boasts of a pleasant aroma as well as balanced mental and physical high. At first, though, it seems that the children were not as good as first anticipated. Dr. Underground ultimately created a hybrid with the best features of its predecessors by means of later evolution and maybe by backcrossing Lavender.

Teds Buds Sour Melon Bubbagum Flavor and Aroma

This hybrid smells as sophisticated as it is looks. Sour Melon Bubbagum is a borderline treat in the cannabis community with its taste sensation of melon, strawberry, and a zesty lemon. Strong fruity and sweet scent of Sour Melon Bubbagum has an undertone of gum and strawberry. Users of cannabis who have a sweet taste for good strains should include this among their collection.

Stress is melting under the exhilarating cerebral high combined with very calming body benefits. As such, it helps those suffering with depression better control their illness. Its anti-inflammatory qualities aid to relax hurting and fatigued muscles. Apart from encouraging rest, it aids in pain reduction. It has also been demonstrated to be helpful in allowing individuals handle stomach issues including nausea. People who bought this also enjoyed, Tiger Blam Teds Buds and Spidey-Ted Teds Budz.

Teds Budz Sour Melon Bubbagum Effects

One can find disarming effect from such strong and delicious aroma. Underneath the appearance, Sour Melon Bubbagum Teds Budz has full 23% THC, which is really natural. With these much, it is a quite strong hybrid. It starts by taking a few minutes to slink into the psyche. Once it does, users are sent to the land of joy via an ecstatic surge. Feeling good, users usually have a clear mind with great concentration. Sour Melon Bubbagum also encourages originality in thinking.

Most users experience a warm sensation then tension disappearing as the physical benefits start to take over the body. When utilized sensibly, most people also become really excited. Clearly, this is among the uncommon strains that improves bedroom activity.

As said, the full effects of Sour Melon Bubbagum do not show right away. As so, some people could underjudge its strength. Use too much and it produces a sedative body high that sometimes results in couch-lock. With that, all the best-laid preparations in the bedroom are probably going to produce—just dreamland.


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