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Slurty 3 Time Machine Cannabis 3.5G

Slurty 3  Time Machine, is a 60/40 indica dominant , it’s a great choice for those who like strong flavors and strong kush. A euphoric head high pairs perfectly with a potent body buss that keeps you couch-locked for the night. It’s the perfect choice for a long night of hanging out with friends or just watching a favorite movie.

Everyone from insomniacs to cancer pain patients have found some respite thanks to a night with this strain. This weed strain can reach up to 28% THC levels. Needless to say, it’s no beginner strain; instead, it’s an excellent choice for experienced users.

The larger the dose, the heavier the sedative effects. For a long-lasting evening, pacing is important. The super-high THC content makes it a little much for most beginners.

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It’s impossible to miss the scent of Slurty 3. It’s an intensely fruity smell, with berry and herbs making up most of the profile. There’s a seriously pungent undercurrent that carries some spicy, earthy notes. It’s a tempting scent that will have anyone eager to try a taste. Also, Strawberry Cheesecake Time Machine Weed 3.5G .

The high THC content and sedative effects may lead to falling asleep and possibly having some wild dreams. If they stay awake, some users report minor paranoia from intense doses, which can be minimized by taking in moderation.

Time Machine Kush Slurty 3 strain Effects

The physical high follows quickly, with tingling turning into a seriously relaxing buzz throughout the body. It’s a lightly sedative strain, so have snacks and movies ready. The couchlock will last for a while, and it’s better to be prepared.

EFFECTS relaxing, blissful, buzz
ADVERSE REACTIONS (NEGATIVE) dry mouth and eyes, minor paranoia
FRAGRANCE fruity, spicy, earthy notes
FLAVORS fruity, spicy, earthy notes
MEDICAL depression and anxiety, ADHD, OCD


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