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Bubble Gum Time Machine Cannabis 3.5G

Bubble Gum Time Machine, is an award-winning hybrid that has strong indica and sativa effects, creating the perfect blend between up and down and offering up a unique high. This hybrid is also a favorite in the medical cannabis scene, healing and soothing a number of debilitating aches and pains.

This particular hybrid was originally birthed in Indiana in the 1970s, from where it was brought to New England and then eventually moved to Holland, where its popular now.

However, It then went on to win two awards at the Cannabis Cup of 1994, also winning 2nd place in ‘95 and in ‘99. This particular strain is popular for its sweet candy-like smell and its equally sweet effects.

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This strain features a unique blend of flavors that truly does its name justice. Also, G41 Time Machine Weed 3.5G .

This hybrid has the flavors of an array of fruits, making the smoke taste creamy and like berries. Its unique tropical aftertaste is why it has garnered many fans, especially for those who prefer the sweet fruity varieties. It will leave a trail of a candy smell around you, which will make your mouth water.

Time Machine Kush Bubble Gum strain Effects

This strain’s high is well balanced, with full-bodied effects that will both relax and invigorate you. You will feel uplifted and in a perfect, positive state of mind, enjoying the company you keep and sharing a giggle with your friends.

EFFECTS happy – 10
euphoric – 8
relaxed – 8
uplifted – 6
hungry – 5
ADVERSE REACTIONS dry mouth – 10
dry eyes – 7
paranoid – 4
anxious – 4
dizzy – 2
Dizzy – 1
FRAGRANCE candy, earthy, sweet, flowery
FLAVORS berry, creamy, fruity, sweet, tropical
MEDICAL stress – 10
pain – 9
depression – 9
lack of appetite – 6
insomnia – 5


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