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Sherbacio Alien Labs Cannabis 3.5G

Sherbacio Alien Labs, boasts an impressive THC content to go along with it, making it a fan-favorite for those looking for an all-rounder pot strain that checks all boxes, from flavor to feeling.  This strain genetics relies heavily on its parent strains, Sunset Sherbet and Gelato 41, making it a perfect 50/50 hybrid of both indica and sativa.

Based in Northern California, Alien Labs are once again living up to their name and producing outta-this-world cannabis strains, and this time it’s in the form of the legendary strain.

Buy Alien Labs Sherbacio Flavor, Jar Nugs.

Thanks to its diverse terpene profile, the Sherbacio strain is renowned for its robust high, and tantalizing flavor. Moreover, myrcene lends its sweet and earthy flavor, while the creamy, nutty taste combines with a delightful citrus flavor (thanks 0.2% Limonene content). Also, Milky way Alien Labs Cannabis 3.5G and Alien Labs Weed Packs.

It carries a magnificent aroma that you would expect from a strain of this quality, considering it has Gelato #41 and Thin Mints in its lineage. Overall, it has a sweet and chocolatey fragrance that dominates the initial scent.

Alien Labs Sherbacio strain Effects

If you’re not already convinced by the aroma that welcomes you as you crack open the jar or by the divine choco-nut smokable flavor, don’t worry. Lastly, You will certainly be a believer once you feel its euphoric effects setting it.

EFFECTS Euphoric
FRAGRANCE Earth, fruit, spicy citrus, black pepper
FLAVORS Mint, sweet, chocolate, citrus, earth
ADVERSE REACTIONS Insatiable munchies, red-eye


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