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Milky Way Alien Labs Cannabis 3.5G

Milky Ways Alien Labs, is on its way to becoming one of the most popular strains in the industry. At up to 22% THC, the dominantly Indica bud induces an uplifting psychedelic high befitting of the celestial body. However, its true power lies in its long-lasting and full-bodied relaxation that makes one feel as though they were floating aimlessly through space.

Though its creator Kiwiseeds has chosen to keep its lineage a secret, many cannabis enthusiasts remain curious of Milky Way’s ancestry with many believing it to be an offspring of Northern Lights and Hash Plant. Although, the original breeders do claim the delicious bud is a cross between two potent predominantly Indica buds.

Though created for medical purposes, Milky Way is a versatile strain. Its euphoric effects, for instance, can be used to relieve stress but they are also great for recreation. Not only that, it has a buildable high that suits both beginners and seasoned users.

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Drawn in for the first time, It floods the mouth with sugary overtones of tropical fruit. On the exhale, it leaves an herbal spiciness lingering in the palate.Also, Alien Mints Alien Labs Cannabis 3.5G and Alien Labs Weed Packs.

This weed strain fragrance is best described as sweet and spicy earth. While it may sound weird to some, the scent is absolutely tantalizing. Its subtle undertones are that of tropical fruit blended with a floral tinge of herbs. Regardless of the strain, marijuana use always leads to dehydration. Its symptoms are most noticeable in the eyes.

Alien Labs Milky Way strain Effects

As an Indica-leaning strain, Milky Way is a natural creeper. It usually takes as long as 15 minutes for its psychedelic high to take effect. Because of this, it is important to pace consumption of the bud. Otherwise, it could lead to dire consequences such as feeling overwhelmed. The initial onset, though gradual, begins with a subtle euphoric rush. As it spreads to the deepest recesses of the mind, it uplifts the mood so users feel happy from within.

EFFECTS Relaxed – 10
Euphoric – 8
Tingly – 8
Sleepy – 6
Uplifted – 4
Dry mouth – 4
Dizzy – 1
Headache – 1
Paranoid – 1
FRAGRANCE Sweet, spicy, earthy, floral, herbal
FLAVORS Sweet, tropical, fruity, herbal, spicy
MEDICAL Stress – 10
Insomnia – 9
Depression – 6
Pain – 5
Cramps – 5



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