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Poke Teds Budz 3.5G (1/8th Oz) Weed

Poke Teds Budz, the brother of Gumbi, now known as Harmonia, is well-known among those familiar with it. Poke Teds Budz, while their chemical structure sets them apart, both have fundamentally Indic structures. Poke Teds Budz is a strain that is the complete opposite of the previous one, with high THC and low CBD levels. Poke Teds Budz is particularly attractive to casual users who are not part of the medical marijuana community.

Its breeders crossed LA Confidential and Pure Kush to generate a strong Indica dominant strain, therefore creating the shockingly strong Pokie. Later, to improve its tastes, its progeny was combined with the lovechild of Juicy Fruit and Sweet Tooth. Data reveals Pokie’s THC levels to fall between 19% and 24% while its CBD average is 5%.

Therefore, it should not be surprising that the strain has a completely calm body high praised by seasoned users. Under the direction of a seasoned companion, beginners can still experience its strong heavy-hitting effects.

Teds Buds Poke Effects

One could best characterize Poke’s effects as long-lasting, mellow, and smooth. It starts with a tingling feeling from the temples and then ripples down the rest of the body. Although the first cerebral buzz is somewhat faint, it makes people joyful all during the high.
The gentle pressure from the beginning gets stronger with time until the body is totally relaxed. Usually, people give themselves over to their couches. The Indica effects are devastating for daily chores.
Poke Teds Budz works well on idle days or late in the afternoon. More especially when comedown causes sleepiness and wandering off to dreamland is an inevitable fact. People who bought this also enjoyed,
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 Poke kush strain Teds Buds Flavor Profile | Aroma

Poke smells chunks of apple blended in with dark chocolate. It also has a really likeable sweet taste. Broken apart or burned, it creates a strong earthy undertone.Once pulled in and tasted, Pokie has an unexpectedly sweet and buttery taste together with faint traces of chocolate. On the exhale, balancing everything is an earthy overtone that leaves an aftertaste even long after the final puff.
Undoubtedly, Poke is a fantastic medicinal strain with indisputable therapeutic value with up to 5% CBD. Its THC, CBD, and other cannabis compounds used together offer a relief from some illnesses. Terpenes also help. For instance, its pleasant high helps one to relax by improving the mood and so helps to calm the mind. It also helps those with depression and other mental health problems including PTSD and anxiety at the same time.


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